14 January 2012

A fun week in the dungeon indeed. A few hawt sessions πŸ™‚

An interesting start, with an offer put to me by one of my regulars. He has recently purchased a Sybian and wanted someone to try it out on. Having heard of them but never used one, I was more than curious… and up for some fun πŸ˜‰

There followed a very horny session, details of which I wont share here (ha!). Let me say that they dont work like fucking machines, in that the person doesnt ‘ride’ it/the attachments…. it works on pressure, so pushing down on their shoulders or positioning it where their legs are off the ground are perfect to savour the full intensity of the machine.Β It leaves the Hitachi for dead, that’s all I’ll say πŸ™‚

Another fun session, a double with Master Damion. One of our regular sluts who comes in to be thoroughly used. We started with the slut on all fours, his balls tied by Master Damion while I fucked his face with my strapon. Slapping him every time he gagged I forced his head back to the ground and moved behind him. Master Damion swapped places and forced his much larger cock down the slut’s throat while I made good use of his tight arse with my strapon.

Repositioning the slut, we bound him securely to ‘the man’ (a bondage lazy susan if you will lol) before having some more fun with him, including turning him upside down. A vibrator in his arse, lots of face slapping and spitting, the slut was finally allowed to cum. Upside down. His neck and head positioned so that he would hopefully catch his mess, and he did… straight in the mouth. Much to our delight as he spat it straight back out. More training needed there πŸ˜‰

Caught up with another regular I enjoy using. Once naked before me, I placed a gasmask on him, his cock I tied very o tightly. It does give me the giggles hearing him moaning beneath the mask, almost a growl but not quite. Some clamps tightly on his nipples, I attached a collar around his neck. Bending him over the bench, I inserted the anal hook tying it off tightly on the collar. I wanted him to feel every movement πŸ˜‰

Laying him down on the bench, restraining him securely, I began to discipline him. Usually I work on his bottom primarily, but this time I decided to turn my focus to his feet. I have done bastinado on him before, but not to this extent. Perhaps it’s my own still healing foot that inspired my mood… who knows lol. Regardless, I certainly enjoyed taking to them with the crop, strap, cane, quirt. Almost as much fun as reddening that arse, which of course I took time to as well.

Turning the slut over, I placed the electro rings around his cock having fun adjusting the levels and watching his reactions. Straddling his face, I smothered him between my thighs just to make things more interesting or perhaps challenging for the slut. Finally when I had enough I allowed him to play with his cock, ordering him to release over himself which he did more than enthusiastically … just missing me ! Lucky slut.

I had the pleasure of seeing a new client also this week, a very hawt young man primarily into the anal play. He has had Β bit of experience before using large toys. He has in the past taken a fist but always fantasised about taking two. As always, my ears perked to the challenge πŸ˜‰ I blindfolded him to begin with and tied his cock and balls. Positioning him in the sling, I cuffed him then teased his arse gently with my fingers getting him relaxed and horny.

Intermittenly teasing the slut with my breasts, I started to use some toys on his arse. Smaller to begin with, working up to a rather large dildo I enjoy using. I like the reaction it gets πŸ˜‰ Moaning and writhing by this stage, his arse well and truly relaxed, I began working my hand inside. It wasnt long before his arse swallowed my hand to the wrist and he was cumming against the fist fucking him.

Taking the other hand I began working that inside him, it took a bit of doing, not to mention the incentive of a promise of rewards…. but we got there, the slut taking both my fists cumming hard as I fucked his arse with them. Deciding he had enough, I repositioned him on the floor and straddled his face. Smothering him between my thighs, I ordered him to play with himself until he exploded everywhere.

It was a somewhat dazed and delighted slut…. or pile of slut left laying on the floor at the end to compose himself. He was most delighted with the session, and with fulfilling a long time fantasy. I was equally delighted to be part of that πŸ˜‰ I think we shall be having many more hours of fun ahead of us.

Finally, but nowhere least…. another favourite regular dropped by. His session basically whatever I chose to do with him on the day. Always horny, always wanting to please, always needing used …. he isnt hard to torment πŸ˜‰ I enjoying surprising him and making full use of that cock and mouth of his until he is exhausted, sweaty and ready to explode. Maybe one day I shall send him home without release…. I have been known to do so.

Nothing particularly exciting in other news. I have been enjoying being back in the dungeon and spend most of the week there. The foot is holding up well, if one can forgive the not so terribly sexy footwear at the moment. Hopefully my feet are the least of my sluts’ focus… lol


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