12 January 2011

So yesterday, a session with a regular I really enjoy seeing. He is an older gentleman and he makes me laugh 🙂 Unfortunately for me he has been ill of late so I havent seen him since before christmas. I seem to attract a lot of nipple/anal sluts and this one is another.

After cleaning him out, as it had been a while I started gently teasing his nipples. Slut blindfolded and bound. Using my fingers, teeth and various other things I sensitised them until he was swearing under his breath standing on tip toes. Finally he mercied and I released him allowing him some respite before moving him to the sling.

This gentleman enjoys a lot of arse stretching, he doesnt like to orgasm except anally. So the focus is his arse more than his cock 😉 I started small, relaxing him as I teased his arse with a few dildo’s I had brought into session. Soon he was begging for something larger, which of course I was happy to accommodate.

As was his arse, first a large cock one my fisting clients usually only can take. From there I managed to slip my fist inside him with little resistance. I had to laugh, every time we acccomplished a bigger toy the comment in between moans and his arse spasming in orgasm was “how good’s that!” 🙂

Fucking him first with my fist and then the hitachi with my fist wrapped around it, I chuckled watching the slut bucking and writhing against the sensations. Using my widest toy, I managed to work that inside him also. Unbeknownst to slut, that was the warm up. For two fists. I had to work at it a little harder than the gentleman the other day, as this one hasnt accommodated two before,

But accommodate them he did, albeit briefly before mercying. Both the larger toy and my two fists had managed to milk slut to his surprise. I downsized to a smaller cock and continued to fuck sluts arse until he was exhausted from orgasm after orgasm. The final comment, “Mistress you have totally fucked me up”. In the nicest way of course 😉

Unfortunately I am unable to take sessions today between 3-7pm as there is work being done in area, requiring a power outage. After 7pm I will however be available.

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