10 October 2011

Been busy in the dungeon since I last wrote, lots of extended sessions too which are fun.

I had the pleasure of catching up with a gentleman who had previously tried to book but fallen sick the day of the session. So it was with much delight I welcomed him into the dungeon.

His session that of a cruel and sadistic Mistress with contempt for males, particularly their genitalia. Instructions and talk were kept to a minimum, the focus of the session mostly on slave‘s cock and balls.

We began the session with slave arriving to be ordered to strip immediately. After which I made some enquiries before we commenced slave’s discipline to ensure nothing had changed since our last chat. ย Once slave had showered, I inspected him thoroughly particularly his cock, balls and arse. I teased him lightly slapping his cock and balls, laughing as he flinched from the touch. I do love a nervous slave.

Strapping him to the bench I chastised slave, informing him just how much of a thrashing he was going to get. Once secured I turned my attention to his arse, building him up as I watched his bottom redden. I started spanking his bottom, varying the intensity as I worked through a few of my favourite toys – the ruler, the crop and finally of course the cane. Slave had a good tolerance for all and I took great pleasure in letting loose on his arse with the canes, instructing him at all times to keep that arse raised for each and every stroke.

When slave’s arse was reddened and welted to my satisfaction I released him and positioned him standing with his arms above his head. I turned my attention to his cock and balls, taunting him as I slapped them and used the same implements I had used on that arse of his. Giggling every time he flinched, I will say he did take his punishment well and was left with some lovely marks as a reminder.

Bored I decided to seat him on the stool legs tied spread, hands cuffed above him. Unable to move, but fully able to watch I laughed and delivered some sound kicks to his cock and balls with my bare feet as well. Taking pity on slave’s poor arms I allowed him release from his position and instead had him on all fours on the floor. So much easier to kick that way too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finally satisfied with the state of slave’s cock and balls, not to mention that arse of his I sent him on ย his way. Until next time he misbehaves, and I am sure he will…

A few tie and tease sessions, one with a new client and the other with a regular of mine. The latter always very horny. Slave restrained, blindfolded, usually gagged but not this time, earphones and music drowning out his hearing. Clamps on the nipples, lots of sensual teasing, the electro plug pulsing in that arse of his. Straddling his face I decided to gag him another way, smothering him beneath me. Laughing as he could control himself no more, begging to be allowed to cum I gave the order. A very sated slave exploding all over himself. What a mess.

The gentleman from last week returned also for another round at my mercy. This time however, we were switching. And I was going last :/ Mind you he was well warned he was not to go as hard on me as I planned to on him ๐Ÿ™‚

He was again being disciplined for misbehaviours. I had warned him that this time I had brought in a few of my own toys, including my rather nasty cat. I had to laugh at the expression on his face when he held it. He had asked for 200 strokes. Suddenly he wasnt so confident.

He was cuffed to the wall, his clothes stripped from his back and his discipline delivered unmercifully. Well, small mercies were granted – he was allowed to swear this time. Thankfully, or we would have still been there ๐Ÿ˜‰ This time there was no warm up, I went to town on his arse delivering the strokes with the strap and cane as they were counted out.

I wasnt as nice as last time, and this time he required a few more breaks to get through it. The fact that we were intermittently cracking up in fits of laughter at each other’s antics did not help, he was much cheekier this time so the banter was flowing. Just because I was laughing though, didnt mean I went any easier ๐Ÿ˜‰ Quite the opposite.

Picking up the cat I turned my focus to his back, laughing at his reaction ย to the first stroke to land. It packs quite a punch, a heavy dead weight. And he had 200 of them ๐Ÿ™‚ It was apparent he wasnt going to take that number so we renegotiated to a hundred, I knew his lesson would be well learned and remembered after that. It took some doing, but eventually we got there. His back and arse covered in blood, so too unfortunately was I !

His ordeal was not yet over, having 50 more strokes of the cane to receive on his already welted and now not so warmed up arse ๐Ÿ˜‰ I took pleasure in delivering every single one.

After a quick break it was my turn. Read my sentence, I was cuffed standing. My dress was ripped from me before the discipline began. Some sound spanks to the buttocks, before the strap, paddle and cane to finish off. By this time we were both having a lot of fun with the role play, struggling to keep it serious for the video – which was very funny nonetheless ๐Ÿ™‚ย I cant wait till the next time we catch up.

One of my favourite clients also popped in, we havent caught up in ages as he has been interstate up north. A right little slut he had prepared for our session by warming his arse up with eggplants.

Once I had him in the dungeon, I went straight for his weak spot – his nipples. I do so love to hear him moan and he can usually take quite heavy nipple play. I love biting, squeezing, licking, pinching, clamping, smacking and piercing them – amongst other things ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tying his cock and balls, blindfolding him also, I positioned him in the sling.

Snapping on the rubber gloves I went to work on that horny arse of his working on relaxing him further until my fist, then both fists were well and truly buried inside him. Some needles through those nipples of his before I went back to fucking his arse until he was moaning in ecstacy, then begging for respite… all those eggplants tsk.

We also tried something new for him, surprising knowing what he is like… sounds. Going by the moaning and thrusting I’m confident in concluding the horny slut thoroughly enjoyed them. Finally the slut was allowed to cum, licking every last drop of it up as he did. As a good slut should.

Another regular currently working interstate also had the chance to pop in for a few hours. Again, it was good to catch up. I always enjoy his sessions. We start off with discipline, him strapped to the bench. I enjoy being able to deliver a sound dose of discipline, including the cane and this gentleman can certainly take it. This time I was able to spend even more time warming him up and taking it further.

Repositioning him, I turned him over on the bench and restrained him again. Teasing him in between tormenting his nipples, which can also take some heavier play. Including needles, which he got a few of in each. ย Not to mention a challenging dose of electro play to his arse. As I said – always a pleasure.

I also had the pleasure this week of seeing a very lovely couple for another extended session. For a change it was the Mistress making the booking as a surprise for her toy (and partner). After a very pleasant chat on the phone I was just as excited as she was about the plans.

When they arrived, her toy was sent outside while we chatted and finalised our plans. It wasnt a Mistress training session, they just wanted to have fun. And with her toy being a bit of an anal slut, she wanted to treat him to a bit of a spit roasting on the end of our cocks – amongst other things ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mistress M prepared her toy with some lovely fence net stockings and suspenders, accessorised with a snug fitting hood. Deciding something was lacking, I added a pretty red cock tie to complete the enemble ๐Ÿ™‚ Standing before her, our plaything was instructed as to why he had been brought to the dungeon. He wasnt only to be rewarded but also punished for his lack of attentiveness in his domestic duties of late. He was also instructed on his behaviour for the session.

Satisfied he understood, he was blindfolded and restrained laying down ย on the bench. Mistress M and myself had great fun taking turns warming up the the flesh around that fuckhole we planned to make good use of later. We wanted a nice red colour and chose a variety of implements to achieve our desire. Poor piece of meat on the slab before us, kept writhing about and moaning. Which of course just encouraged us more.

To distract the fuckslut I filled his hole with the electro plug and turned it up till that hole was visibly pulsing. That certainly had him moaning ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย Slowly we built up that glow from a mere pink to a rosy red using the crop, floggers, paddles, slappers and finally the cane. Which the slut had not had before. Since Mistress M was also new to caning I thought it good timing to give her a lesson. At slut’s expense ๐Ÿ™‚ I must say he did very well as we did not go that lightly. He was left with a few reminders.

Eager to make use of the slut’s holes we released him, ordering him to his knees while we donned our strap ons we took turns forcing our cocks down his eager mouth. Holding his head, forcing him to gag, laughing as the drool ran from his whore mouth. They werent small cocks.

Bending him over the bench, we each took and end and thrust our cocks into his holes. Pinning him between us as we thrust back and forth using him like a piece of meat. Swapping ends, slut received a damned good fucking in both holes before being sent off to the bathroom for a break.

On his return, slut was ordered to the floor. Mistress M and I chastised him for being the dirty slut that he was, told him he was going to be thoroughly rinsed off before we pissed all over him. In his arse, over his face, in his mouth. The greedy slut drinking it all hungrily.

Ordering slut to stand we positioned him in the sling, pallet wrapping him in place before we really began to stretch that arse of his. First with my smaller fist, then with Mistress M’s. We had lots of giggles thrusting various things into the whore’s hole including the Hitachi vibrator ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mistress M got some lovely pics of that gaping hole as slut relaxed against the onslaught to his arse.

Deciding his nipples needed adornment, I pierced each with a 25g needle. Another first for the slut and one he handled well. Mind you he did have Mistress M’s fist in his arse at the time ๐Ÿ˜‰ We finished the slut off with a huge cock, working it deep inside him as his Mistress tormented his own cock until it exploded covering him in cum as well as piss.

A nicely spaced slut was sent off to the shower while Mistress and I chatted, we had a ball. And I heard afterward that it was only the beginning of their fun for the day. I cant wait to catch up with them again.

To end the week, lots of horny fun with a regular of mine I havent seen for a while. Never mind he is rather easy on the eye with a very nice cock, I also get to do as I please with him – which of course I love. ย He never really knows what to expect from visit to visit.

This time however, I was not pleased with him. Instructing him to strip, I tied his cock and balls tightly before blindfolding and cuffing him. Restraining him against the wall, I played with his nipples and cock a bit. Teasing him, getting him nice and relaxed. Before I turned him around and told him to stick that arse of his out. Such a nice arse too.

Slave received a rather sound spanking and cropping, his moans growing in between the chastising he got from me on his behaviour. After promises to not re-offend, I took pity on him and released him. Time will tell if he has learned his lesson or not.

Satisfied with his undertakings however, I decided to put him to other uses for my own pleasure. He does like to be of service to Mistress, so he was well used by the time I sent him on his way.

I dont think he will forget again who owns that cock of his, otherwise it may just be that cock which takes the discipline ๐Ÿ˜‰

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