10 July 2011

Very busy week in the dungeon with lots of new clients and some extended sessions.

There was a very horny double with Master Damion and a sexy little slut. Although his first time he turned out to be quite practiced with the anal play, taking some quite large toys as well as both Master Damion and also my strap on. We took great delight in taunting him, questioning him in detail about his experiences. When we were finished with the slut we allowed him to cum all over himself.

A roleplay with a difference, especially with a client new to me – a kidnapping scenario. At first we discussed abducting my victim from the local pub, but as he wanted me in full fetish we decided to make it a little more discrete down the street. I waited behind a fence, as my victim approached. Stepping out I played the helpless female, exclaiming that I couldnt start my motorbike which was parked next to me. I asked him if he could assist, and as he willingly stepped forward I grabbed him pushing him against the fence and throwing a pillow case over his head.

Praying nobody was calling the police, I hustled him inside the dungeon where I ordered him to strip. Pillowcase still on his head, I explained why he was here and interrogated him as to some information I was looking for. I pushed him against the pole and pallet wrapped him to it, binding him even more securely with straps over the top. Questioning him intermittently as I started to torment his nipples and cock.

Dissatisfied with the answers I moved him to the bench, tying him spread eagle even more securely than before so he couldnt move at all. I also decided to make him more vulnerable by using the gas mask to control his breath. Using a mix of teasing and sensation play I finally managed to extract the information I was after just as my victim lost complete control and orgasmed everywhere.

The session was a hoot, and the gentleman a delight. Fortunately he had as much fun as I did so I look forward to our next encounter, and what that might entail.

A lot of fun was also had with an older gentleman who was experienced but had not visited the dungeon before. I was delighted to find he had some of the most sensitive nipples I have come across, of course I couldnt ignore that 😉 He made the cutest noises squirming all over the place at the lightest touch.

I commenced with him strapped to the bench face down for some discipline, working up from a spanking to the cane as his pale bottom turned a deeper shade of pink. On announcing towards the end that he was to receive 6 of the cane, I was lining up to deliver the stroke when slave started counting. Smiling I let it slide, until the 6th whereupon I leaned in close to slave’s ear and asked him who told him to count. He tensed, I sensed his confusion as he paused before saying “nobody Mistress”. On suggesting we perhaps start again, I was met with a startled “No Mistress!” as I burst out laughing. I knew slave had had enough, I couldnt resist toying with him however 😉

He was much better behaved as I put him through some CBT flogging his cock and tormenting him with the Erostek.  His reactions to the electro had me in fits of giggles. Finally I finished him off teasing his cock with some sounds while I also played with his arse, fucking him with my fingers. Swapping to a dildo I continued to fuck the slut as he bucked and writhed in the sling I had positioned him in until he came all over himself. Laughing as he collapsed spent, I allowed him a few moments before sending him off to the shower.

Another new client came in for an electro session with tight restraint and some CBT. Again he was a lot of fun, such a wriggler and moaner. I amused myself playing with the Erostek controls in between lightly tormenting that cock of his with various implements. He could take the electro too building him up gradually. I am looking forward to the next time and perhaps trying some other stuff with him.

A light tie and tease was a respite from the anal and electro, a gentleman who had one it once before only. He was rather nervous and hesitant to try different things preferring to stick to light sensation play. I am sure once he becomes more confident in himself and me, we shall be able to take him a lot further. He certainly was responsive.

Last but not least, one of my favourite regulars came in. He has been away and its been a while since I have seen him. He needed a good working over, and boy did he get one 😉 He is a right nipple slut, dont think I have had him mercy on the nipples before but I did give them some extra special attention. As we do switch sessions from time to time, he warned me he would be raising the bar next time he was in control. I assured him I would be hiding certain toys first  ! 😉

We finished off with him in the sling, his arse relaxed and stretched as I worked my fist inside him. Watching him orgasm over and over anally, I kept fucking him until he begged for a break. I allowed him a few moments while I prepared a rather large cock instead to use on that arse of his. For a moment he couldnt tell the difference between the cock and my fist, he was rather beside himself. Just to confuse him further, I fucked him with one even larger. Sliding it in and out of his arse as the sling rocked back and forth impaling him on the cock.

When he was almost totally spent from his arse orgasming, I gave him a break and turned my attentions to his cock. Unfortunately for the slut, he had overstimulated himself with all those anal orgasms to the point of being past it. No matter, the thought of him having to return to the office and spend the afternoon unsated and horny …. left me with a huge smile for the remainder of the day 🙂

This morning I managed to score a working sphygmomanometer and stethoscope for those medical sessions/roleplays. And even better a lovely soft, warm fur coat. Ideal for those fur fetishists. A quick pic, you get the idea 😉

Anticipating another busy week in the dungeon, a few bookings already to look forward to.

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