One squeamish moment riding home yesterday, seeing another motorcyclist with sneakers on. He escaped a lecture, when i wasnt prepared to catch up to him to give him the benefit of my own recent wisdom :/

Other than that I cant say I have been at all timid getting back on the bike. I have missed it indeed, however am limiting my riding time at the moment as changing gears puts pressure on my still swollen foot. In 16 years of riding as my main transport I have had two accidents both the fault of car drivers. The other accident the bike came worse off than me,  thankfully there was no hubcap that time 😉

With the sudden drama of the accident, going away etc I dont believe I ever mentioned just how amazing the ambulance service and the staff at RPA are/were. I cant thank them enough for their help, patience, skill, sense of humour.

This is the first ever time I have been in hospital or an ambulance and I have only positive things to say about the experience. Context aside 🙂 These dudes do an awesome and difficult job, one we should all be supporting them in. Besides – the ambo’s were hawt 😉 No it wasnt the morphine.

Speaking of which, many more thanks to the gentleman who stopped and did first aid on me until the ambo’s arrived. Words cannot express my gratitude for your kindness. Many would have kept walking.