21 January 2011

Woke to an email today, my new boots have been shipped – finally. They were on special order, sometimes small feet are a nuisance. But I shall have 2 new pair next week, including new thigh highs.

Good start to the weekend !


  1. I am finally back, though way down pecking order it seems. Would love to rekindle something, especially with knowing u have new boots. Small is great. Let me know if u can do anything for a long lost teacher in need of teaching.. Good to see working solo doing u well, it was inevitable looking like u. Hope to see soon.

    1. Welcome home, hope you had a great time and it wasnt tooooo much work 🙂 Hope to see u soon also, give me a call when you want to catch up. I think the number you had doesnt work, the current one on the site is the correct one.

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