Availability – Long Weekend

I will be available  for dungeon fun over the long weekend, both day or evening.  Including Monday.

I wont be available Tuesday before 8pm though 🙂

23 September 2012

Been a good and busy few weeks 🙂

Made the most today with a pushbike ride followed by some double handed single tail practice outside in the garden. Been a while since I used them. Not sure what the neighbours thought of the ...

21 September 2012


Update pending over the weekend. Busy this evening with a booking later on that I am looking forward to.

Otherwise been busy getting out on the pushbike – pretty much every day. Anyone up for some ball ...

Donkey Love

“I think when people actually see the film, they get desensitised to the act pretty fast and are able to watch a funny and informative documentary about a cultural practice that most people don’t know anything about.”

However, he said the whole ...


If anybody is trying to reach me, today is one of those rare days I would suggest email. I have had no phone reception since lunch time. It seems Vodaphone has issues given its affecting both my phones.

Hopefully service will be ...

4 September 2012

Awesome day today. Made the most of the sunshine with a 15km ride around the park after running some errands. Might have to ditch the winter exercise gear soon, getting a tad warm.

An afternoon nap, followed by a quick catchup with ...

3 September 2012

Well, here I am again. Bet you didnt expect that so soon 🙂

Happy spring all ! Hasnt the weather been glorious. Been making the most of it enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.  I despise winter and the cold. I caught ...

30 August 2012


Late as usual…. fortunately/unfortunately I have been very busy leaving me no time / energy to write.

Finally though, a day off. Enjoyed a nice 15km ride around the park before my hair appointment this morning.  If you are a local ...

25 August 2012

Proper update tomorrow, today is too glorious to spend at my desk. Next week is shaping up to be a lot of fun with a few bookings already, all going to plan 🙂

Gossip and the grapevine….

It’s come to my attention that there has been gossip on the proverbial grapevine that I have retired. That I have another job.

No I have NOT retired. I’m a bit young for retirement yet, I havent broken in the walker 😉 ...

21 August 2012

Looking forward to the next few days in the dungeon. Couple of bookings already. Fun ! 😉

19 August 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious weather as much as I have been, almost a crime to be in the dungeon. Almost 😉

My ‘other’ commitments should settle down this coming week and moving forward generally. We passed the deadline Friday, so ...

12 August 2012

I wont be going into much detail today, the past month has been hectic both in and out of the dungeon. This is the first weekend I have had off, and I made the most of it 😉

I have had fun ...

Housekeeping – Bookings

A regular chased me up last night having sent an email through my website which I had not received – if indeed it was sent correctly 😉 I tested it last night and it seems to work fine now.

However the most ...