13 February 2011

Finally time to write. The past week or so has been taken up with family matters amongst other things. Luckily some fun sessions in between to keep my sanity in check 😉

I mentioned previously that I saw the gentleman of the tattoos and double fisting again. Once again it was a fun session with lots of aggressive fisting, this time though I think I worked out the way to not bruise my hands !

A couple of other clients I was looking forward to unfortunately werent able to keep their appointments. One was the sub session for me, and a couple of others anal sessions – on them 😛

I did however get to see a few clients I havent for a while which was a nice treat. One an older gentleman who I have a great rapport with and love seeing. Cheeky bugger he is. He is a nipple slut and loves his nipples being teased, bitten, pinched and the like.

The last session we had I also double fisted him for the first time. He was suitably chuffed with himself afterwards as it was a stretch (pardon the pun) getting him there. Once again he took both my fists, this time for longer 😉

Another gentleman whose ears must have been burning booked in only as I had been thinking of him earlier that day. And we probably had the best session we have to date. He likes to start off with a caning, which I got right into – delivering some solid blows until he mercied. A little more challenging to take, with the electro butt plug pulsing away in his ass simultaneously 😉

After which I turned him over so I could access his arse properly. Some light anal play, some nipple torture and a lot of tease had him release rather explosively at the end. I suspect he needed that 😉 I am very much looking forward to the next time. Just hope its not so long between visits.

And I saw a new client, to me. He had been to the premises before many years ago and knew Master Damion. He was a sweet elderly gentleman, whose session consisted of again some light nipple tease and a gentle fucking with the strap-on. He was very responsive and an absolute delight. He is hoping to come back in a few weeks 🙂

Also had a surprise call from one of my regs of some 4 years having tracked me down, it was good to hear from him – too late to see him that evening but hopefully this week.

Made myself some new vampire gloves too, all nice and shiny and sharp 🙂

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