27 September 2011

I had the opportunity this past week to catch up with a fav reg of mine from overseas. A lovely gentleman I have loads of fun with. His session some light discipline, restraint, lots of tease and sensual play. He also loves his nipples tortured/tormented and I take great delight in exacting moans from him.

Also had a few half hour sessions, humilation mostly. Lots of verbal abuse and golden showers. One also with one of my strap on sluts, he didnt get the strap on though – he got to wank himself in front of me for my amusement. What can I say, he is easy on the eye and so cheeky.

Awesome fun with a client new to me last weekend, an extended discipline session. The gentleman in question before me on the agreement of his girlfriend to be punished for misdeeds in their relationship. The lady in question while knowing of her partners interest, has no such interest herself. Unequipped to deliver the punishment herself, he was sent to me.

His punishment to consist of various strokes of the cat, single tail and cane particularly. It had been some years since this gentleman had played, nonetheless he wanted me to go hard and open him up so he bled. He had prepared a roleplay/dialogue for the session which we were also videoing for his lady.

While I dont mind detailed or scripted role play, I will say its always of benefit to have it emailed to me prior to the session so I can go over it. Particularly if there are specific requirements for the session, such as clothing, specific toys etc.

The session involved his being chastised for his misdeeds in between being punished with the various implements he had chosen. Standing restrained, his clothes were ripped from his body before I went to work on him, firstly warming his arse up with a spanking. When it was glowing a nice red, I moved to the floggers.

His back and arse each received a good working over, occasionally he was allowed a break or I swapped to another part of his body as he reached a peak. Only to push him to the edge again once he had respite. I am not sure which I enjoyed using more on him – single tail or cane. I dont get to do a lot of single tailing at work (it marks), but oh how he hated the cane. Which just amused and encouraged me more. By the time we were finished, his back and arse were bloodied and welted. Satisfied he had learned his lesson I released him sending him home to his lady friend.

Fortunately for me, while she enjoyed the video she was also dissatisfied with how little he took. So he is being sent back this weekend for a repeat of sorts, including anything else she can add in the interim.

And this time, I will be bringing some of my toys from home 😉

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