20 February 2013

Yes I am still alive and well, although that was almost debatable – got hit by another car yesterday coming home. Lucky for me, myself and the bike are both fine. His car not so much. People need to look out more for bikes, as they slogan says – look twice !

Other than that I have been incredibly busy, both inside the dungeon and out of it. I have been in the process (still am !) of moving house, packing everything up in my spare time and starting to clean the place from top to bottom. Not to mention looking for another place to live.

Very pleased to have found someplace over the weekend, my god there are so many dumps out there. Never mind what they are asking for rent, eesh. This place is 5 mins from where I am, and I love it – so I am very much looking forward to getting in there and making it home.

I am so pleased at having found somewhere I love, that I am spreading the Karma with a special on all hourly  sessions until the end of the month when I move. I suspect I will also need the extra stress relief in the dungeon to cope with all this moving 😉 Call to enquire.

Speaking of fun and stress relief, I have as I said been very busy since I last posted. Lots of new clients also which has been fun.  Not to mention the pleasure i get at seeing my regulars too. Some fun with a strap on slut I have been seeing for a while, we are catching up tomorrow for a session with a difference for him. Master Damion shall be joining us 😉

An overseas client was in town and I took great delight at tormenting him with assorted devices, electro, sounds, clamps, cock rings, was and golden showers. I had the pleasure of a couple of sessions with this gentleman. One of my regular sluts also popped in for some humiliation, being treated like the dirty slut he is, having his arse and mouth raped.

Some fun too with a newspaper  fetishist, pics were posted previously. I enjoy his session because its different, I got a tad creative with the newspaper though and left myself one big mess at the end to clean up lol. Thats what happens when i lose myself in the moment.

Also visits from a few of my anal sluts, all very different characters and very different sessions. From deep fisting, to double fisting, to strrap on play. Some hard and rough, some slow and erotic. Some of those pics I also posted in previous entries 🙂

And as a contrast to the newspaper, a visit from my plastic fetishist. Mix that with breathplay and you have one of my favourite sessions 🙂  This time though we tried something different, vacuum sucking the air out of the body bag once he was inside.  It actually worked quite well *grin*.

Lots of fun with roleplay too, i love playing the strict head/mistress. Disciplining norti boys. One session also included not only discipline but face slapping, cock and ball torture and finished off making use of that virgin arse 😉 Another involved dressing up in latex and my leather hat, leading the slut around the floor on a leash telling him what was going to be coming to him before I took advantage of his holes.

Last but not least, lots of fun with another new client who I am much looking forward to seeing again. His session more intense than most I see. We started off with him on his front, some electro to the cock and his arse while I went to work on him with the cane and floggers. Following that with burns, cutting and wax. Turning him over he was subjected to more wax and whipping before I covered his cock in needles, which he had not tried before but loved. Thought he might 😉

Very much looking forward to Friday night’s session too, an extended one with a regular slut of mine who is going to be taught how to take real cock in his slut holes. Ahhh this I shall enjoy *grin*.

Anyway…. back to more packing !  Busy day in the dungeon tomorrow.

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