15 March 2011

I finally managed to track down the overseas client who I couldnt get through to. He came in for a golden shower session with some discipline thrown in for good measure. It was to be a strict session, forced.

One of the challenges of not working in one of the houses – not having other ladies available for sessions such as this. Regardless after drinking copious amounts of water all day, I managed to put slave through his paces. Starting off with some discipline to get him into the headspace, mixing it up with some sensual play teasing that hard cock of his. An erection he didnt lose the whole session, till the end πŸ˜‰

I forced him to drink my piss in various ways including sipping slowly from a glass, making sure he swirled it around that mouth of his to savour the full flavour πŸ˜‰ I also pissed over his body, on his arsehole, stomach finishing with me pissing over his cock as he exploded in orgasm.

Also saw a new client who walked out very happy to have found me. He is an experienced slave who has not done much play in a while so we agreed to keep it at the medium level. He also had a session the evening before elsewhere that he found largely unsatisfactory – hence the visit. My gain, we had an amazing rapport and both enjoyed the session thoroughly.

I began by tying his balls, affixing some weights. Clamps on the nipples, blindfold, and some teasing to get him nice and horny… and relaxed. This gentleman was more interested in the CBT aspect of play although he has experienced much more. So I focussed my attentions on his cock and balls. Again though, I began by disciplining him with a spanking and the strap.

Repositioning him, I alternately slapped, flogged, teased, cropped, flicked, burned his cock and balls. Pushing him to the edge a few times before bringing him back and finally allowing him release, as we had agreed nothing too extreme. Shame as he could take it. Both of us however are looking forward to the next session, and he will be back. He rang the next day to say just how much he had enjoyed it. As did I πŸ™‚

A client I havent caught up with in a while came to visit also. His session, latex fetish and discipline. The session starts with him being wrapped in a latex mackintosh and he also brings in an apron for me to put over my clothes, latex butchers one. I position him over my lap before delivering a very sound spanking to that pale bottom of his, turning it a rather deep shade of red.

When I am satisfied and he has begged enough, I allow him to stand rubbing his bottom through the mackintosh. He loves the cool feel of it against his hot skin. Placing him face down on the bench I strapped him in before returning my attention to his bottom. Building up from again a spanking, through the strap to various birches I had the naughty boy writhing on the bench before me. Intermingling the discipline with some light teasing, rubbing his bottom, trailing the latex over the now very hot and red skin.

I was about to move from the birch to the cane, when he mercied. As I said, he has not been for a while and in the past used to take a lot more discipline but his tolerance has dropped somewhat. Something for us to work on πŸ˜‰

For something different, one of my regulars came in for a switch session. He wanted to do a bit of teasing, some sensation play and discipline on me. Before we switched and I finished him off with a fisting in the sling πŸ˜‰ We started with me tying his cock and balls, then getting him on all fours to insert an anal hook tying it off to a collar. I wanted him to have some stimulation (or distraction? ;-)) while playing me. After that I was his for the next half hour, finishing off with him exploding in orgasm twice as I fisted his thoroughly horny arse.

The session turned out to be very erotic and horny for both of us. He hadnt topped/dommed before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience exclaiming at the end that he thought he could easily reapeat that session every month. I am pleased he did get off on it, he was surprisingly quite good for someone’s first time. Some people have a good sense of touch and timing. Again I look forward to the next session… πŸ˜‰

And today, I have another session with the gentleman who came to visit on 9 March. Who came six times. How do you top that? πŸ˜‰


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