12 July 2014

PVCSo, as I said new thigh highs, sandals and PVC arrived. I had the skirt altered to fit, the top meh – i think i will keep it to dress some of my sluts in 😉

I have been rather busy of late with a lot of fun sessions to update about. Some fun pics too! That is tomorrow’s focus.pvc5

In other news I have been doing a few double sessions with one of my Mistress friends from Salon Kittys that I used to work well with. We have complementary styles and have a lot of fun together, so if you are thinking of treating yourself please enquire 😉

Copy of mefullOther than that, life has been pleasantly drama free – just the way I like it ! I quit smoking (again shhh) three weeks ago, very proud of myself. Lets see if I can avoid caving this time lol

Anyway, more tomorrow – this was more of a quick hello to you all … and to leave you with a few pics 🙂

Copy of d1

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