21 Jan 2013….Following on from the last post…

The perfect cucumber...It was a fun but late Saturday evening, today was spent catching up on domestics. Still havent trained those cats.

Also had to get prepared for an important meeting tomorrow afternoon requiring a small forest in paperwork. Terribly exciting stuff I know 😛

Having said that, in between I have still managed to have some fun in the dungeon just not write about it. Sucks to be you 😉

Soon, I promise. Soon…

Back to the phone saga, my brilliant idea to fix my dead phone turned out to be good in theory, not so brilliant in reality. Again if you wish me to put your number into the new phone (my number is the same)  please send me a text saying who you are.

Maybe also a few details of what you are into if i havent seen you for a while. Or if you have a common name first name 🙂

I guess its a new year, a fresh start with the phone cleansing, and another more significant one not so far away. Closet hippy here 😛Doggy bench

Australia Day Weekend

I will be around and up for some fun in the dungeon for those not otherwise celebrating 🙂 I will also offer hourly Mistress sessions at a special rate for the three days – call to enquire 😉

I might have just talked about a lot of really boring crap, other than the mention of a discount but at least I distracted you with horny pics.

They go with the elusive post ….

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