25 January 2011 – part 2

Finally, a more thorough update 🙂 Firstly though – exciting news. The fucking machine is back in the dungeon and available for use. I am much looking forward to using it on some anal sluts.

25 January 2011

Conducting a Mistress training session today for something different, fun 🙂

Even better…

My neighbour just dropped my new boots in, they left them with her.

24 January 2011

The universe has a knack of providing exactly what i need at the right moment.

22 January 2011

Very nice start to the day with a couple of emails from regs I enjoy very much. Hopefully they shall come in soon, one is a sub session with needles on me.

21 January 2011

Woke to an email today, my new boots have been shipped – finally. They were on special order, sometimes small feet are a nuisance.

20 January 2011

Added some new pics to the gallery page from last night’s play, will write more on it later.

Kama Sutra virus dupes with sexy promise

Computer security firm Sophos has warned that hackers are spreading a nasty computer virus with a file promising a PowerPoint presentation of sexual positions from the Kama Sutra.

12 January 2011

So yesterday, a session with a regular I really enjoy seeing. He is an older gentleman and he makes me laugh 🙂 Unfortunately for me he has been ill of late so I havent seen him since before christmas.

11 January 2011

Booking at noon with a fun regular. Took his double fisting cherry 😉 Home now, time to relax.

9 January 2011

One of my favourite nipple/anal sluts came in yesterday morning, and for something different brought along a lady friend of his to voyeur the session.

7 January 2011

Thursday brought a surprise visit from an older regular I have been seeing since I began working professionally four years ago. These days we have a fairly relaxed dynamic.

5 January 2011

One of my newer clients returned the other day, an older gentleman I enjoy a lot. He’s very sweet. We began with him naked, in slave position when I entered the dungeon.

4 January 2011

Shaping up to be a good week, a couple of bookings already which I am looking forward to. And another hopefully that was cancelled at christmas. Will write more later when I get back home.

Logistics – Morning Bookings

It doesnt matter how much I enjoy someone or their session, simple logistics dictate that I cannot accommodate morning sessions without a booking being made the previous evening.

1 January 2011

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2011 🙂 As expected last night’s celebrations didnt finish until late. Or early depending on which side of the sunrise you were coming from.

New Year’s Bookings

I am available for bookings today until about 8pm. After that I am unavailable until 2 January. Like most, I am out tonight with friends and tomorrow shall be spent relaxing/recovering.

31 December 2010

Well, so draws the year to a close. And what a year its been – full of surprises and change.

26 December 2010

Finally time to write… Couple of fun sessions the past couple of days, with two nipple sluts. I do so love sluts, so easy to torment 😉 The first, a regular.

23 December 2010

Like everyone I have been getting prepared for xmas, also having company the past few days. Really hawt session today with a regular, as well as some intense personal play this evening.


Just love buying new lingerie, especially for work. Also picked up a personal groomer for the dungeon, so much easier than razors for getting rid of that unwanted slave hair.

19 December 2010

Yesterday was busy and fun, with two extended double sessions with Master Damion.

12 December 2010

The gentleman from earlier in the week arrived wanting to do a similar session to before. I had a few ideas on how to vary it but retain the essence. This time I started with some ipod headphones.

8 December 2010

Yesterday my personal slave met me at the dungeon to do a few chores, some towel folding and some weeding. The latter he failed miserably at.

The pleasure and pain of kink | News Video

The pleasure and pain of kink | News Video. Interview for the NZ TV show 2020 along with many other sydney folks. Today was awesome on many levels and busier than expected with a 1.