7 January 2011

Thursday brought a surprise visit from an older regular I have been seeing since I began working professionally four years ago. These days we have a fairly relaxed dynamic.

After cleaning him out, I got him into the sling. Legs apart, arse exposed. Starting small i teased his bottom, relaxing it while he played with his cock. A ribbed glass dildo, followed by my strap on. Teasing him with my breasts as I fucked him, till he was squirming before me arms clenched around his head.

Replacing the strap on, I took a larger dildo and thrust that inside him fucking him slowly as he adjusted to the size. The head of the dildo teasing the entrance as the knob slid in and out each time. When his arse had relaxed enough, again I swapped dildo’s choosing a much larger one this time. Slowly working it in and out of his hole till the whole length of it was buried inside him.

To finish him off I removed the dildo and replaced that with a rather large plug to fill up that arse, playing with his cock, the hitachi pressed hard against the dildo. Every vibration felt deep inside his arse. It was a somewhat spent and breathless slave that was released. He is after all in his late 60’s 😉

Today I caught up with a gentleman I first saw way back when I first started also. I have seen him since then, but unfortunately missed his last visit – he is from out of town. So it was with double anticipation I looked forward to our meeting.

First we got my little rubber slut dressed appropriately in the attire he had brought with him. Amazing outfit, I was envious 😉 I placed the gasmask on him for some quick photos, before I put him to good use cuffing him and attaching him to the pole.

His balls tied, nipples clamped I began to redden the little slut’s arse with both my hand and the strap. Intermittently teasing his cock and nipples with the hitachi, tugging on the chain to the clamps. Pleased with the colour of his arse I slipped on my strap on and took the slut from behind. Gripping his hips with my hands I thrust the dildo deep into his arse until he was squirming.

Releasing him, I unclipped his cuffs instructing him onto all fours on the floor. Placing a larger dildo in my strap on, I put another before slut and ordered him to suck on the cock before him. Watching as he took the dildo down his throat, I pressed my cock against his tight hole starting to slide it inside. The slut did well for the most part, but found himself unable to accommodate the knob on the end. Its been some time since he has been well used 😉

Taking pity on slut, instead I inserted a rather large plug in his arse to keep it nice and open. Ordering him onto his back, I straddled his face smothering him between my thighs. My hands and the hitachi tormenting him further as he writhed beneath me.

Pinning him I brought him to the edge pushing him over knowing how tight that slutty arse of his would be clenched around the plug as he ejaculated. Looking at a rather spent slut, I allowed him a few moments to collect himself before sending him off to the shower.

I am very much looking forward to tomorrow, first up a session with a fun slut I first saw (and double fisted) not long ago. This time I will ensure I have my camera 😉

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