8 December 2010

Yesterday my personal slave met me at the dungeon to do a few chores, some towel folding and some weeding. The latter he failed miserably at. As a consequence, he was not only caned by myself but also by Master Damion. Both of us taking turns until slave had learned his lesson. I repositioned slave on the floor and delivered a golden shower over him and into his mouth denying him any form of release before sending him on his way. Hopefully next time he will do better.

My afternoon was thankfully more amusing with a client new to me but not the dungeon. He had booked in for a 1.5 hour sensory dep/mummification session. Both of which I love. Once I had slave pallet wrapped from head to toe, each limb wrapped independently, I placed the gasmask on him. Over which went the headphones and blindfold. Satisfied I positioned him on the bench and tied him down securely.

Exposing his genitals and nipples, I cupped my hand over the hose to the gasmask controlling his breath. Feeling him relax, I started to tease him gently in between bouts of nothing. A suede flogger trailed over exposed flesh, vampire gloves, pegs, only a few things at my disposal 😉

Interspersing the teasing with breathplay, I had slave moaning and writhing against his bonds. When I had enough, I released him and repositioned him to a chair against the pole in the dungeon. I wrapped him tightly against it and removed the headphones, gasmask and blindfold.

I put the blindfold back over slaves eyes before taking the headbox and affixed it to him. Positioning it, I clicked the lock shut. Leaving only a gaping hole where slave’s mouth was. Picking up a dildo, I slid it into the hole at first feeling some resistance as I began fucking that hole hard with the dildo. Ignoring the gagging noises, I teased his cock and persevered until the dildo was easily lodged the full length down slave’s throat. With no sound of gagging as slave gave himself over to me.

Deciding slave had been well used I began to release him from the pallet wrap and headbox. He was suitably spaced when he emerged finally to be sent off to the shower.

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