5 January 2012

First post of the year. May the coming year hold lots of frivolity, good health and prosperity for all. Me included 😉

Caught up with more regulars for some fun sessions the past week, as well as a few new clients in for some lighter tie and tease sessions.

One such regular found himself strapped to the doggy bench, legs spread, arse up. His cock firmly bound, clamps on his nipples I took my time disciplining that arse before I inserted the electro plug and attached the cock rings around his shaft. Controlling his breath through the gasmask, I decorated his reddened arse with some hot wax. With lots of tease and anal play I finished slave off before releasing him.

Also a fun switch session with another regular I enjoy, always a delight to catch up with him. It was a very erotic session, starting with me blindfolded and cuffed cuffed standing. My bottom was disciplined until I felt that glow of warmth, mixed in with lots of teasing before I was strapped to the bench for more sensual play. Swapping places, it was my turn  to have my way with the horny slut.

Strapping him to the bench I focussed firstly on his tender nipples before turning my attention to that arse of his. Building him up with some toys, I took my time slowly working my fist into his arse before giving him a long slow, sensual fisting. One which had him writhing and groaning, cumming multiple times anally and otherwise 😉 Finally when the slut was spent he was released. Lucky for him, he wasnt going back to work 🙂

Today I saw another regular. I began blindfolding him and tying his cock and balls very tightly. Teasing his nipples, I attached some clamps to them. Guiding him onto the bench, I lay him on his back and strapped him down. I continued to tease his nipples with the vampire gloves amongst other things, including lots of hot wax which of course had to be cropped off 😉

Electro plug inserted in his arse, rings around his cock I continued to tease him sensually, the Hitachi getting a work out on both his cock and clamped nipples. Being fickle I kept removing the clamps and changing my mind, snapping them back on his increasingly sensitive nipples. Chuckling every time he moaned and groaned, I took pity on slave and decided to give him a drink. Straddling his face I ordered him to open his mouth and not spill a drop, slave did not disappoint 😉 Pleased, I removed the electro and teased his cock until he spasmed with release.

Unfortunately I wasnt able to see another client today who wanted to come in, hopefully next time. His session lots of anal tease and fisting

Other than that, I have been resting up allowing my foot to fully heal.

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