31 December 2010

Well, so draws the year to a close. And what a year its been – full of surprises and change. Wishing a happy and productive new year to all, I know this year has not been easy for a lot of people I know personally at least. As someone said to me today, onward and upward – so cheers !

Had a couple of sessions this week with some fun regulars. One of the gentlemen I saw last week with Master Damion for a double booked in for another session, even though Master Damion wasnt available (unfortunately). The gentleman I refer to is the one with the paper/medical fetish of which I wrote earlier, when you need a fix, you need a fix. Or is that incentive? πŸ˜‰

Showered and cleaned out, patient stood as instructed. Outside the dungeon door, eyes closed. Feet covered in paper booties, a plastic hospital gown over him and latex gloves, open faced latex hood over his head. Beneath the gown an adult diaper I had him also wear for something different.

Opening the door I ordered him to place his hands behind his back and close his eyes. I bound his arms with a belt and cuffs around his waist so he couldnt move. Turning him around, I first inserted ear plugs beneath the latex hood. I unwrapped bandaids shaped for the eye and placed one over each securing it shut, before covering those with pads and then a wrap around blindfold designed to hold it all in place.

I led my now blind and deaf patient inside the dungeon. Noting that he hadnt come as prepared as he might for his examination, I found the missing gag needed. One designed to keep the mouth wide open for use and … inspection πŸ™‚ Tying it tightly around his head, I assured patient how lucky he was I found the necessary equipment before forcing him down to his knees and roughly forcing the cock I was wearing down his open throat. Laughing as he resisted, not expecting what he received. I grabbed his head and held it in place as I fucked his mouth until he was gagging and drooling all over the hospital gown he wore. Pleased his saliva glands were working properly, I allowed him to stand.

Taking a gloved hand, I rubbed the outside of the diaper against his cock inside feeling it harden against the material and the touch of my hand. Adding some lube, I slipped my hand inside the diaper teasing patient until he was fully erect. Circulation/blood pressure normal πŸ™‚ Moving him before me, I pushed him face down on the bench his arse out as he still stood. Taking a pair of scissors and very sternly/loudly advising patient to keep still, I cut a hole in the diaper where his arse was.

Sliding lubed fingers inside his arse teasing him till he was moaning against the gag, I replaced them with the electro plug slowly working it inside patient. Standing him up, I cut away the hospital gown and removed the gag, allowing his jaw a break. Laying newspaper from one end of the bench to the other, I lay the patient on top. Again warning him to stay still I cut a hole in the diaper at the front exposing his cock and balls before covering him with another layer of newspaper.

Balled up newspaper was forced into his mouth then taped shut. Balls of newspaper placed in his hands so his fists curled around them tight too. As patient lay there I added to his isolation by placing the ipod headphones over his already plugged ears then turning up the volume. Turning my attention to the electro attached to the plug in his arse I played with the levels until I was satisfied it was challenging patient’s responses. Not too much, I didnt want him jumping off the table. Yet.

I began to wrap him, mummifying him tightly to the bench. Torso, arms, legs. Taking special cut out newspaper pieces to lay over his exposed cock and balls as I went. When I had him finally bound to the table, I removed the tape over his mouth and the ball of sodden paper inside. Smirking to myself I decided to give patient a surprise and saturated the new ball of newspaper with my own urine, before shoving it hard into his mouth and taping it shut again.

Turning my attention to his nipples, I tested their sensitivity and reaction with some pegs and other stimuli until I was pleased with the reaction I got. The same with his cock, ensuring the nerve endings worked and sexual function / erection was no issue. Slapping it, pressing the hitachi against it. All the while the plug still pulsing in his arse, being turned up incrementally as I felt patient adjust to each previous level.

Pleased with his reactions, I had one test yet to complete and that was testing his ejaculatory abilities and collecting a sperm sample for analysis. Increasing the intensity of the electro, I pressed the Hitachi against the underside of his cock moving it over all the sensitive spots until patient had no choice but to comply and provide the required sample πŸ˜‰ Copious amounts.

Taking pity on a rather drained and spaced patient, I decided not to put him through the final test. Taste test … I didnt force him to lick my gloved hand clean πŸ˜‰

Next time. If this wasnt ‘incentive’ enough….

Fortuitously as I emerged from cleaning up, my phone rang – a regular of some four years now that I hadnt seen since relocating. He is a lovely gentleman and it was nice to catch up. He also brought me a lovely bottle of champagne I plan to drink this evening.

This gentleman is very much into feeling submissive and loves having his nipples played with amongst other things. As I hadnt seen him for a while I had fun. I began with slave kneeling as I entered the room, ordering him to stand I blindfolded him before attaching cuffs to each wrist. I secured his restraints to the wall before turning my attention to his cock and balls, tying them tightly. Attaching some weights to his balls, and placing some headphones over his ears so he couldnt hear or see me… I focussed on those nipples of his.

Teasing him with my tongue, biting as the nipples hardened. Pressing him hard against the wall with my body as he moaned, I took some clamps and attached them to each nipple. Tugging and pulling, I flicked his nipples with my nails before taking some more weights and attaching them to each clamped nipple. Swinging and dropping the weights, watching slave’s face as they tugged against his tender nipples.

Moving slave to the floor I continued to torment him. Ordering him to open his mouth I stood above him, filling his mouth with my piss. Satisfied I watched as he swallowed it all, not missing a drop. Sitting on his face, smothering him between my thighs I teased his cock and balls, slapping and stroking with my hands in between tugging on the chain to those clamped nipples. Abrading them further with various implements, mindful of not marking slave I managed to sensitise them till slave was gasping and moaning loudly below me at each touch.

Amused, I told slave to stand and positioned him before the sling. Instructing him into the sling, I bound him hand and feet. The weighted clamps I tied to the sling chains, every rock or tug from me sending shivers straight to his hard cock. Telling slave how much I was looking forward to making use of that arse of his, I affixed a small dildo to my strap on. Relaxing his arse with my lubed fingers, I slid them in and out before replacing them with my cock. Still tight, I slowly pushed my cock inside slave thrusting slowly until i felt him buck back against me.

Building up the pace until I was fucking slave hard, thrusting against him as he swung back and forth his arse wide and exposed, my other hand curled around the chain to the clamps, adding to the tension slave was already feeling in those tenderised nipples. Deciding his arse was relaxed enough from the strap on, I smirked as I got out the electro box and the anal plug.

Lubing up the plug I slipped it gently inside slave’s arse, even for that horny ass of his it was still a stretch – pardon the pun πŸ˜‰ Turning on the unit until I could hear slave moaning again, his arse visibly pulsing before me I toyed with the settings. Laughing as I heard him groan, turning it up a little each time until I was satisfied that slave couldnt take any more.

Again turning my attention to his cock, I decided that slave was just about spent. Teasing him with the Hitachi, chuckling as I realised with both blindfold and headphones on slave had no idea whether he was allowed or even desired to cum. Laughing as his excitement built along with his predicament, I waited to hear him beg for release. And it came… just as I ripped the clamps off his nipples.

Sending slave to the shower, I teased him that he would be thinking of me well into the new year πŸ˜‰

Yesterday I received a call from another regular I have been unable to see so far due to conflicted timing. So it was with some delight we confirmed for the afternoon. I do enjoy this gentleman’s session, I love anything with a twist. And this has that πŸ˜‰

I started by getting the norti boy before me to strip. Once naked I explained to him that he was here to continue training with his bladder control which so far had been rather unsatisfactory. That he needed to learn discipline and not wet the bed. That if he was a good boy he would be rewarded with a nice nap. If not, he would be punished.

Tying his cock and balls up, I slipped him into a diaper to contain any mess in case he failed the test. As I spoke to him I got him a few glasses of water, encouraging him to drink up. Nastily I also slipped a gloved hand inside the nappy and teased his cock, laughing at whether it was going to make holding his pee easier or worse with a full bladder. I settled him laying back on a cushion and matting and left him for a while, to see whether his bladder control had improved since we last met.

Giving it enough time for the water to work through his system, I re-entered the dungeon some 10 minutes later. I was most annoyed to find that the norti boy before me, not only had soaked the diaper I had placed on him but also the towelling beneath him. Angered I chastised him, explaining to him that not only had he shown no self discipline but he had also made a total mess peeing everywhere. He needed to be punished and I knew just how to discipline dirty little boys who made messes of the bed.

First I ordered him to get on his hands and knees, pulling down his diaper I inserted a small plug into that tight and now urine soaked bottom of his. Pulling the nappy up tight to hold it in place I told him to lay down on his back. While he moved position, I stood before him with a clear plastic mattress protector/bag. Continuing to chastise him about the mess, I slipped it over his feet and pulled it up around his head as he wriggled into it. He certainly wouldnt be making a mess now.

Chastising him, I informed him he was going to be taught a lesson. He was not going to be let out of that bag until he ran out of air… or made an even bigger mess of himself to lay in. If he wanted to be a dirty little boy then he would soil himself covering himself in cum too. Telling him to play with that cock of his, the one that couldnt hold that pee before, I wrapped the end of the bag tight around my hand so that the only air he had was what was trapped inside the bag with him.

Sitting next to him as he played with himself through the nappy, I berated him and tormented him with the Hitachi. All the while watching the bag fogging up slowly as his breath condensed, sucking in against his face as he continued to breathe. Watching that glaze come over his eyes as the oxygen slowly started to run out, his breathing increasing with his arousal πŸ˜‰

Taking mercy on him with the Hitachi, not wanting him to cum before he was challenged by the lack of oxygen, I smothered the plastic bag over his nose and mouth with my hands, stroking his face until I had him spasming before me. I was pleased to realise however that he had learned more self discipline without a full bladder and he managed to refrain from making more of a mess inside the bag despite my taunts.

Somewhat satisfied I decided he had been punished enough for one day, I allowed some air into the end of the bag before removing him. He is learning but even so, he still needs to work on that bladder control…

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