26 December 2010

Finally time to write…

Couple of fun sessions the past couple of days, with two nipple sluts. I do so love sluts, so easy to torment 😉

The first, a regular. Beginning as usual with him standing blindfolded I ordered him to all fours before me. Teasing his arse a little with my fingers, I lubed up my electro butt plug. Gently I slid it inside slave’s arse chuckling as he moaned. I ordered slave to stand and proceeded to mummify him. Clear pallet wrap, both that and the black are sexy in different ways. Once slave was wrapped I lowered him to the ground. Teasing his nipples in between with various toys, I inserted the electro urethral probe as well. Taking the Erostek box, I turned it on adjusting the levels until I had slave squirming and moaning before me, his cock and arse visibly pulsing with the electricity.

Positioning myself above him, I smothered his face between my legs as I played with the controls for the electro – adjusting both the arse and the cock ones until slave was bucking beneath me. Pinching his clamped nipples further, tugging, amongst other things… like pressing the Hitachi against the urethral probe adding to the intensity of sensation I remained in place keeping him smothered. When I felt he had enough (the repeated fuck fuck fuck was a givewaway ;-)), I removed the blindfold ordering him to keep his eyes closed. Replacing it instead with the gasmask.

Playing with his breath, I removed the urethral probe leaving the butt plug in place pulsing inside his arse. Turning the dial up, I focussed on slave’s cock and balls, teasing them, dragging my nails over his skin, working him up until he was rock hard. Again turning up the electro till he was on the edge of mercy, I pumped his cock with my hand ordering him to cum. Which, of course he did. Explosively. Removing everything I allowed slave time to come back to himself, more than a tad spaced his comments “fuck that was intense”. I laughed, responding that I took it he had enjoyed himself 😉 I know i certainly did.

Today’s session with a client new to me was… well pretty incredible. Wish I had taken my camera in as it takes amazing video footage and if any session should have been video’d this one should.

We started with the little slut (slave he is not), blindfolded standing before me while I teased his already sensitive nipples with my fingers and tongue. Slut had been already playing with himself the past few days in anticipation and hunger, so his nipples were nicely sensitised. Much to my delight 🙂

I ordered him to spread his legs and tightly bound his balls. Cuffs around his wrists, I restrained him against the wall so I had access to both nipples and cock. His nipples I amused myself with, using my tongue, pinwheel, finally clamps. To which I added some weights. Amusing myself further, I also added some to the rope around his balls. Playing with the weights, lifting and dropping, swinging them back and forth till I was chuckling at the moans from slut.

I freed his arms and ordered him to lay on the floor, kneeling over him I smothered his face between my thighs. Alternately pulling on the clamps still attached to his nipple and teasing them with the Hitachi, I finally ripped them off feeling slut arch and squirm beneath me. Swabbing them, I put on some gloves and slid some 25g needles deep through his sensitive nipples. Allowing slut a moment to recover, gasping for breath between my legs I reaffixed the clamps below the needles increasing the intensity.

I still had plans for the little slut, and ordering him to stand I positioned the sling. Removing the blindfold slowly, as he opened his glazed eyes I directed him into the sling restraining hands and legs, his arse spread wide before me. We decided to try something new for him, breathplay and the gasmask. We didnt keep it on the whole time, but it was something he most definitely enjoyed.

Snapping on a glove I decided not to bother with the dildo’s, instead sliding my lubricated fingers inside teasing that hungry ass of slut’s, relaxing him. Watching his writhing increase I slid more fingers inside him until most of my hand was. Alternately teasing his cock, a finger wrapped around the chain with the clamps, tugging as my fist was finally buried in his arse.

Fucking him hard, as he begged for more we decided to go for two fists. Something I have done a few times, but not something most can take 😉 Having small hands helps but isnt everything. And with some surprise, I realised just how much of a slut I had before me. Both fists sliding in with relative ease. Pumping his arse for a while with both fists, I was only sorry given the time of year that I didnt have a cock available to fill that mouth with. Or a few. Ah, next time perhaps…

Mixing things up a bit, I decided with some amusement to see if I could get both my fist and the Hitachi inside slut. Ensuring it was well covered with a condom, I wrapped my fist around it and nudged both inside sluts hole, my other hand flicking the switch on as I began to move inside him. I think at that point, slut pretty much got lost somewhere in ecstacy. The vibrating Hitachi and hand around it hitting all the right spots. We realised afterwards that we had in fact milked him. I teased slut, telling him that the next challenge would of course be both fists and the Hitachi 😉 His eyes widened at that.

Removing the vibrator, I fucked his arse some more with both fists as he bucked and writhed in orgasm after orgasm, his arse clenching tight around my fists. Deciding poor slut had enough, had been thoroughly used and provided me with much entertainment on a rainy boxing day morning I took mercy on him and removed my fists. I instead turned my attention to teasing his cock, getting him nice and hard before telling him to play with himself. Moving up by his head, I tugged hard on the chains of the clamps all the while telling him how I planned to make use of him next time. Not even fully erect after the intensity of the anal play, slut came regardless and like all good sluts devoured his cum fed to him before I released him.

Divesting him of adornments, cuffs, needles, clamps, etc I sent a still horny slut off to the shower. How quickly an hour can pass… I suspect his plans today were ditched in lieu of a cold beer 😉 Next time, I shall definitely be bringing the video camera.

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