2 March 2011

Had a fun session today with a gentleman who had not tried BDSM before. A lovely gentleman he turned out to be too. We had a quick chat before I sent him off to the shower. He informed me of an operation he had recently and I assured him I would be careful. As he was a ‘virgin’ I was not planning to be too hard on him. This time.

Once showered I had him wait in slave position for me, I had instructed him prior. Having him kneel up I blindfolded him, taking each of his hands I began to place cuffs around each wrist. At this point, slave seemed to have a moment of anxiety – perhaps the realisation he would soon be bound and vulnerable. I chuckled reassuring him that he would be fine. Thankfully he relaxed 😉

Instructing him to stand, I led him over to the pole and attached his cuffs to that. I began teasing his nipples lightly, making note of his hardening cock. When they were almost as hard I put a peg on each, playing with them- gently tugging and flicking. Soon he was relaxing a little more. Telling slave to stick his bottom out I began to give him a light spanking, turning his pale cheeks a nice shade of pink. Satisfied with his response I teased his cock wiith my hand before getting the leather strap.

A few well placed strokes of the strap, his bottom pushing out to meet them. I noticed the pre-cum drooling from slave’s cock. He certainly seemed to be enjoying the discipline at least 😉 Encouraged I replaced the strap with a soft suede flogger, trailing it lightly at first over his flesh. Building up a rhythm I began to flog his back at first and then his bottom also. Again he seemed to enjoy the sensation.

Releasing his arms, I had him kneel before me. Leaning into him I whispered in his ear the things I would like to do to him, teasing him further with my breasts. Removing the blindfold temporarily, I walked over to the horse and instructed slave follow me. Pushing his head down, I had him worship my thigh high boots from toe all the way up to the lace panties under my skirt.

Pleased with his efforts after some instruction I had him lay on his back and on his request removed the pegs from his somewhat tender nipples. Giggling at his reaction when they came off, I had not warned him it would feel more intense than having them on. When I mentioned working him up to clamps, slave replied hastily with “Not this session Mistress” 🙂 No… not this session…

Teasing slave with the suede flogger again, and then the vampire gloves – trailing them over his flesh he began to spasm without warning. His body convulsing, he ejaculated all over himself. Laughing I reprimanded him for not calling his safeword if he felt close to the edge. He advised me he had been caught by surprise himself ! Nonetheless, I wasnt finished with him.

Cleaning him up I gave him a moment to regain his composure. Talking quietly to him, I slipped my panties off from under my skirt and trailed them over his face threatening to gag him with them….. before I decided instead to let them fall instead over his once again hard cock. Laughing at his excitability I told him that I should have had him wear them instead to stop him from cumming so easily.

Well, that was it – off he went again. Just as hard as the first time, again without warning himself 😉 Looking at slave I could see he was spent. Laughing I commented to him that I suspected he had enjoyed himself, and i released him from the cuffs and blindfold. A rather disoriented and spent slave was sent off to the shower to clean himself up.

Chatting afterwards, he was amazed not only that he came twice – but both times when I hadnt even been touching him. I think I have a new plaything – and I look forward to corrupting… educating… him further 😉

After he had departed, I finally got around to getting some pics of the dungeon as well as one of those thigh highs I promised so long ago. A few on this post, they have also been added to the gallery page.

Enjoy !

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