19 December 2010

Yesterday was busy and fun, with two extended double sessions with Master Damion. A friend of many years, we are also discovering we work (and play) very well together πŸ˜‰

The first gentleman we saw, a regular of Master Damions and also someone I have seen previously elsewhere. Not one to forget, his session rather an unusual combination of medical and newspaper fetish.Β On arrival, slave was instructed to clean himself out and dress in a paper surgical robe as well as surgical slippers. He was to wait outside the dungeon door with his eyes closed. On announcing he was ready through the closed door, slave was instructed to keep his eyes closed as the door was opened and Master Damion proceeded to tie his hands, encased in latex gloves, behind his back.

Next slave was turned around and a bandaid placed over each eye, then eyepatches followed by a secure blindfold that also covered his plugged ears. Finally, a gag – one slave made himself that forced the mouth open leaving it available for use. Much better than those O ring gags this fit securely around his face and head ensuring he had no choice.

Master Damion and I decided to test how effective the gag was, we both like to see lots of drool from slaves. We positioned slave on his knees and each took our turn fucking that hole till the drool was running down slave’s front and he was moaning and gasping for breath. We removed the gag and instead filled slave’s mouth with some balled up newspaper, covered by duct tape over his face. Slave was placed on his back on the floor, Master Damion turning his attention to tightly tying up slave’s balls while I amused myself at slave’s expense – pinning his face between my thighs smothering him. Admittedly the writhing didnt make Master Damion’s task any easier πŸ˜‰

Having enough fun on the floor, we moved slave to the chair. The best I can describe it is something akin to a birthing chair like my old establishment had. Master Damion has made most of the equipment in the dungeon, he has been incredibly inventive with design and I am still learning just how versatile it all is. Once slave was positioned he was mummified tightly, pallet wrapped to the chair before being bound with more duct tape. A head piece was affixed pinning his head and forcing the gag in place so no movement was possible. Newspaper balls were tucked into slave’s palms before his hands also wrapped to the chair arms. His genitals and arse of course, nipples too were left exposed for examination.

Teasing slave’s cock and balls, his nipples we soon had him quivering in the chair. His arse lubed up we inserted the electro butt plug and turned it up, laughing in amusement at slave’s reactions to the various levels. Testing his reactions, we applied various stimulus to slave – pegs, electro pinwheel, weights, a foot to the cock and balls πŸ˜‰ Untying his balls, we inserted the urethral probe and had some fun playing with the controls watching slave writhe and moan before us unable to do anything about his predicament.

Unbeknownst to slave we had a further treat in store for him, removing the electro we released him from the chair, removing the plastic wrap and his newspaper gag and positioned him instead against the pole. Before slave had time to react we pulled a large clear plastic body bag over him and pinned his hands behind around the pole. Holding him in place Master Damion began to pallet wrap slave to the pole. Starting at his feet and working his way up, trapping air in the bag so slave could breathe.

Regardless before his neck was reached, slave was begging for more air. Laughing we took mercy and poked a hole in the bag at his mouth, taping a breathing tube in place before continuing to wrap slave including his head tight against the pole. Master Damion exposed slave’s cock and balls, teasing and slapping them as I toyed with the breathing tube. Silly slave, so much easier to fuck with his airflow that way πŸ˜‰ Eventually we heard a small plea for mercy from slave. On enquiring what specifically he was mercying on, we heard a little voice say “I’m getting claustrophobic” πŸ™‚

We took slave down, removing the body bag and his plastic gown. On the bench we had laid from one end to the other, newspaper. We lay slave on the paper and began wrapping him in it, mummifying him over the top. His cock and balls trapped between layers, more balled paper in his mouth gagging him. A few sheets over his face. Master Damion played with slave’s cock and balls, using the Hitachi vibrator to cause slave most distraction. Myself, rubbing the paper over his face, softly speaking in slave’s ear about how that newspaper smelled, the print, the feel of the cool crispness against his skin…. before we knew it, slave had exploded in bliss unable to hold on any longer.

Very pleased, we chuckled releasing an extremely spaced slave afterwards. I know for myself at least, seeing that glazed and dazed expression on someone’s face at the end of a session … gives me the biggest rush πŸ™‚

The second gentleman we saw, a regular to us both into anal/fisting/slut training. Once cleaned and showered, slave presented himself blindfolded for inspection. Determining he was way too hairy, we decided to shave him before making use of his arse. Placing him on all fours, I allowed Master Damion the task of shaving deferring to his experience in that area over mine πŸ˜‰ Instead I amused myself playing with slave’s cock and balls as I assisted in holding them out of the way. We turned slave over so his front could be done and instructing him also not to move, I decided to make his task more challenging by seating myself on his face smothering his breath, slapping his cock occasionally as I watched Master Damion shaving him clean.

Satisfied, Master Damion began teasing slave’s arse slowly relaxing the muscles as he worked a few dildo’s in gradually increasing their size until slave was visibly groaning. Intermittently playing with slave’s cock, I affixed clamps to his nipples and teased them, sucking, biting, flicking them. Deciding I needed to piss, I ordered slave to open his mouth and slowly delivered a golden stream down his throat. Saving some, I positioned myself over his cock and drowned that in the rest while his arse was being fucked with the dildo.

Master Damion advised he thought slave might be ready for my fist, somewhat smaller than his. I moved down between slave’s legs and slowly began sliding my fingers in and out of his arse feeling the muscles relax against them each time. My hand sliding further in until it was swallowed by his arse, I began pumping my arm thrusting my fist into him. Master Damion meanwhile had turned his attention to slave’s nipples.

Satisfied slave was relaxed enough, we swapped places. Once again fucking slave’s arse with a rather large dildo, I began to tease his cock. Surprised, I commented to Master Damion that slave had cum. Slave even more surprised denied it. The pool of cum however told another story. As it turned out, the dildo being used had actually ‘milked’ slave causing him to ejaculate without the corresponding sensations of orgasm. Regardless that was not the end of our fun.

It was time to see if slave could accommodate Master Damion’s fist πŸ˜‰ To distract him somewhat, I took a dildo and began fucking his mouth with it as Master’s fist was slowly worked inside slave’s arse. It was a challenge, but slave took it all groaning gratefully once in. Mindful of the use we had made of slave thus far, we took mercy on him and while Master Damion fucked his arse with that fist and I smothered his face between my legs once again slave had the orgasm he missed earlier exploding copious amounts all over himself.

Well used and well spent, slave relaxed a while allowing his head to come back to earth whilst we removed cuffs, cock tie, blindfold. I think that was the best session so far we have had with this slave. Well I know I enjoyed it πŸ˜‰

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