16 March 2011

Yesterday’s session was a giggle, I had the slut howling.

For something different, we started with him restrained on the bench. Gasmask on, blindfold over the top. A bit of light breathplay to set the mood πŸ˜‰ I began teasing his nipples with my tongue and teeth, before pinching and squeezing them hard until he growled. Just the right response.

Spreading his legs, I inserted an electro butt plug in his arse. Turning the erostek unit on, I adjusted the settings until the slut was writhing against his bonds on the bench. Adjusting it a little higher, I laughed as he began to howl. Β The slut has a tendency to bark and howl when the pressure is on. And I wanted to apply the pressure.

Satisfied, I turned my attention to his nipples, teasing them some more before affixing clover clamps to each. Tugging on the chain to distract him from the pulsing throb in his arse I amused myself eliciting various reactions from him πŸ˜‰ Taking the urethral probe, I inserted that down the eye of his cock before connecting it also to the erostek unit and adjusting it to my satisfaction. Which of course had slut straining hard against the leather straps holding him in place.

Removing the gasmask and replacing the blindfold, I straddled his face smothering him between my legs as I pulled harder on the clamps. My other hand toying with the probe, sliding it up and down the eye of his cock watching for the most sensitive spots, playing with those even more πŸ˜‰

Deciding the slut had enough, taking pity on him I removed the clamps before disconnecting the electro. Repositioning a somewhat weak-kneed slut in the sling I began teasing that now sensitised arse of his. Slowly working my fingers in and out, my fist before long was embedded deep inside him. Building the intensity, I began fucking him harder and deeper with longer thrusts until he was orgasming again and again bucking against me. By orgasming, I mean anally.

Giving the slut a break now and then, I alternated with more torment on those nipples of his until he finally mercied. Much to my delight, slut can take some nipple play and had expressly asked for more before the session. Tsk, careful what you ask for. Returning my focus to his arse, I slid my fist deep inside and fucked him a few more times before again, he mercied claiming… exhaustion.

Watching him fall back, gasping for breath in the sling I had to laugh. He did indeed look spent πŸ™‚

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