Discipline Caning

Discipline caning for slut meant lots of giggles in session this evening, for me at least. I can say with certainty slut was not laughing, instead he was suitably nervous on arrival. Slut was due 70 cane strokes for behaviour correction. I decided to make things a little more interesting, with an incentive for him. The encounter was not off to a good start, with slut being late for our scheduled time.

Last caning he yelled through most of the paltry 12 strokes delivered. I decided that each stroke he took without yelling, would reduce the total due by an extra 2 strokes. Each stroke that caused him to yell, would only count as 1. This meant that at best he would only take 24 strokes of the cane, at worst all 70.

To make things more interesting for me, and more challenging for him I attached electro pads to his cock and balls. And set the Erostek to “microphone” setting placing it in line with his head under the bench top. As it turned out it was even better incentive than reduced strokes,. If he yelled not only did those strokes count as one each, but he would get zapped as he set off the electro-stim box.

I was slightly disappointed at how well he did during the discipline caning, only delivering 30 strokes all up with four different canes. Obviously I was being too kind to him in spite of my intentions. Next time that certainly wont be the case. He will also be penalised extra strokes for keeping me waiting, one for every minute he is late.

Nonetheless he was rewarded for his stoicism with some erotic tease afterwards, Some positive reinforcement encouraging more acceptable behaviour in future. I look forward to the next encounter..

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  1. Lol You clearly have him changing his behaviours and desperate to improve taking what’s expected.
    And Your psychological and sadistic enjoyment shines through too

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