13 July 2012

Lots of fun in the dungeon and outside. This weather has been glorious for getting out and about. Almost a shame to locked inside, almost… πŸ˜‰

Something I rarely do, an outcall. Generally I find them too much trouble, but this gentleman warranted special attention. And he lives close to me πŸ™‚ He met me at the door, dressed very sweetly in some white lingerie. Panties, bra, stockings, suspenders. Taking him into the bedroom I had him change into a maid outfit while I got myself changed from street gear into Mistress garb.

Returning to the bedroom, I had the slut unpack my toy bag for me. I knew he was eager to see what was inside. A little too eager for my liking as it turned out, failing to lay a few things out properly in his haste. Tsk. Deciding to reprimand him for his slutty self interest I ordered him onto the bed. Tying his cock and balls, I placed a hood over his head, some cuffs on his wrists before turning him face down on the bed. A gag in the mouth and a spreader bar keeping those legs wide apart, before I tied his wrists securely to the bedhead.

Teasing that cock of his, Β I began spanking his arse. Working my way up from the strap to the floggers and the cane for some well delivered strokes. Deciding to make other use of that arse, I put my on my strapon. Moving in behind the bound slut I pressed the head of the cock against his tight arse slowly squeezing my way in. Feeling the cock sliding the full length inside the slut’s arse I began fucking him. Slowly at first, building to a faster pace as I felt him wriggle and moan beneath me.

When I felt the slut had learned his lesson I soothed him with a little bit of smothering and a golden shower. I doubt he will be so hasty next time πŸ˜‰

Managed to also catch up with another of my favourite sluts. Always reminds me of a big purry bear when I am finished with him grin. I had decided to focus a little more on the anal this visit, so after blindfolding him, tying his cock and balls, attaching some clamps, I restrained him to the bench. Some electro and lots of tease, we worked him up to taking my fist a few times. He only has once before so he did really well. Between the intensity and my managing to milk him with my fist, the slut didnt get to cum. He was so spaced afterwards, I dont think he really minded. Nor the lingering horniness as his sensitised arse reminded him of our fun πŸ˜‰

Lots of horny fun also with an incorrigible slut. He reminds me of a naughty child out of its good clothes in 5 mins after being dressed πŸ™‚ While he is a lot of fun to play, he definitely needs some training.Β I look forward to the challenge and he tells me after last session he is ready to succumb. We shall see πŸ˜›

Another slut needed taking to task, arriving late without letting me know. Not too much though, he isnt the first to try provoking a Mistress to get a reaction πŸ™‚ Regardless, he found himself cuffed, blindfolded, cock tied and restrained to the headboard. Clamps on his nipples, his arse soundly disciplined for being late – my hand, the strap, the crop all received a good workout.

Ordering the slut onto the floor and removing the blindfold temporarily, I teased his cock and balls with my stockinged feet, rubbing my foot over them. Lightly kicking, laughing at slut’s flinches. Ordering him to worship my feet, I made him kiss and lick each toe, sucking on the whole foot as I forced it into his mouth.

Moving behind slut I had him on all fours face down, taking my strapon and sliding it into that tight arse of his I ordered him to fuck my cock. Β Slapping his arse as he bounced against me, teasing his cock so that arse contracted around my strap on. When the slut had taken enough I had him roll over onto his back.

I stood over slut as he must surely have been thirsty after all that sucking and fucking, working my way up his body from his cock to his mouth I delivered a golden shower. Kneeling over slut’s face I smothered him between my thighs while ordering him to play with his cock. Eventually forcing him to cum over himself before I released him.

A very intense and horny session with a squealing slut who gets very vocal when playing. On arrival I had him strip down to his sexy red underwear. Tying his cock and balls, I blindfolded him, cuffed his hands and ordered him to his hands and knees before me. His hands I cuffed to the headboard and his feet, I attached the spreader bar to.

Pulling those knickers down I began fucking the slut with my strapon, slowly at first building pace till my hips were bouncing against his arse. Opening his fuckhole with multpile cocks, each bigger than the other till I found one which reached his limit. Alternating with my hand, sliding it halfway in as I made him thrust against it. Thankfully the dungeon is quite soundproofed, the squealing and writhing that was going on grin.

Finally when he had enough I turned the well spent slut over to find he had been milked. No lovely orgasm for him as the intensity had taken its toll on him πŸ˜‰ How sad.

Some fun also with another slut who needed a sound spanking. And he got one, tied to the headboard with his balls tied and weighted. Clamps on his nipples. Each slap soundly delivered reminding him of his lapses in giving me adequate notice for bookings. Reminding him how frustrated that made me πŸ™‚

His arse reddened I took pity on him, instead focusing my attention on that cock of his with some well placed slaps and strokes of the flogger. Β Getting the slut on all fours, I fucked his arse from behind with my strapon before pissing all over him and forcing him to eat his cum like the dirty slut he is.

Finally some fun turning the tables on me, with the sybian. That I will leave to your imaginations πŸ˜›

Tonight, an extended booking with a slave I havent seen for 5 yrs or so – it will be interesting πŸ˜‰

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