23 September 2012

Been a good and busy few weeks 🙂 Made the most today with a pushbike ride followed by some double handed single tail practice outside in the garden. Been a while since I used them.

21 September 2012

  Update pending over the weekend. Busy this evening with a booking later on that I am looking forward to. Otherwise been busy getting out on the pushbike – pretty much every day.

Donkey Love

“I think when people actually see the film, they get desensitised to the act pretty fast and are able to watch a funny and informative documentary about a cultural practice that most people don&

Just a girl, in the world

Life for children who feel they are trapped in the wrong body can be a nightmare of shame and isolation. But some are refusing to hide any longer. via Just a girl, in the world.


If anybody is trying to reach me, today is one of those rare days I would suggest email. I have had no phone reception since lunch time.

4 September 2012

Awesome day today. Made the most of the sunshine with a 15km ride around the park after running some errands. Might have to ditch the winter exercise gear soon, getting a tad warm.

3 September 2012

Well, here I am again. Bet you didnt expect that so soon 🙂 Happy spring all ! Hasnt the weather been glorious. Been making the most of it enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.