New Year’s Bookings

I am available for bookings today until about 8pm. After that I am unavailable until 2 January.

Like most, I am out tonight with friends and tomorrow shall be spent relaxing/recovering.

Have a safe and fun NYE all, leave the car at home πŸ˜‰ See you in the new year !

31 December 2010

Well, so draws the year to a close. And what a year its been – full of surprises and change. Wishing a happy and productive new year to all, I know this year has not been easy for a lot of people I know personally at least. As someone said to me today, onward and upward – so cheers !

Had a couple of sessions this week with some fun regulars. One of the gentlemen I saw last week with Master Damion for a double booked in for another session, even though Master Damion wasnt available (unfortunately). The gentleman I refer to is the one with the paper/medical fetish of which I wrote earlier, when you need a fix, you need a fix. Or is that incentive? πŸ˜‰

Showered and cleaned out, patient stood as instructed. Outside the dungeon door, eyes closed. Feet covered in paper booties, a plastic hospital gown over him and latex gloves, open faced latex hood over his head. Beneath the gown an adult diaper I had him also wear for something different.

Opening the door I ordered him to place his hands behind his back and close his eyes. I bound his arms with a belt and cuffs around his waist so he couldnt move. Turning him around, I first inserted ear plugs beneath the latex hood. I unwrapped bandaids shaped for the eye and placed one over each securing it shut, before covering those with pads and then a wrap around blindfold designed to hold it all in place.

I led my now blind and deaf patient inside the dungeon. Noting that he hadnt come as prepared as he might for his examination, I found the missing gag needed. One designed to keep the mouth wide open for use and … inspection πŸ™‚ Tying it tightly around his head, I assured patient how lucky he was I found the necessary equipment before forcing him down to his knees and roughly forcing the cock I was wearing down his open throat. Laughing as he resisted, not expecting what he received. I grabbed his head and held it in place as I fucked his mouth until he was gagging and drooling all over the hospital gown he wore. Pleased his saliva glands were working properly, I allowed him to stand.

Taking a gloved hand, I rubbed the outside of the diaper against his cock inside feeling it harden against the material and the touch of my hand. Adding some lube, I slipped my hand inside the diaper teasing patient until he was fully erect. Circulation/blood pressure normal πŸ™‚ Moving him before me, I pushed him face down on the bench his arse out as he still stood. Taking a pair of scissors and very sternly/loudly advising patient to keep still, I cut a hole in the diaper where his arse was.

Sliding lubed fingers inside his arse teasing him till he was moaning against the gag, I replaced them with the electro plug slowly working it inside patient. Standing him up, I cut away the hospital gown and removed the gag, allowing his jaw a break. Laying newspaper from one end of the bench to the other, I lay the patient on top. Again warning him to stay still I cut a hole in the diaper at the front exposing his cock and balls before covering him with another layer of newspaper.

Balled up newspaper was forced into his mouth then taped shut. Balls of newspaper placed in his hands so his fists curled around them tight too. As patient lay there I added to his isolation by placing the ipod headphones over his already plugged ears then turning up the volume. Turning my attention to the electro attached to the plug in his arse I played with the levels until I was satisfied it was challenging patient’s responses. Not too much, I didnt want him jumping off the table. Yet.

I began to wrap him, mummifying him tightly to the bench. Torso, arms, legs. Taking special cut out newspaper pieces to lay over his exposed cock and balls as I went. When I had him finally bound to the table, I removed the tape over his mouth and the ball of sodden paper inside. Smirking to myself I decided to give patient a surprise and saturated the new ball of newspaper with my own urine, before shoving it hard into his mouth and taping it shut again.

Turning my attention to his nipples, I tested their sensitivity and reaction with some pegs and other stimuli until I was pleased with the reaction I got. The same with his cock, ensuring the nerve endings worked and sexual function / erection was no issue. Slapping it, pressing the hitachi against it. All the while the plug still pulsing in his arse, being turned up incrementally as I felt patient adjust to each previous level.

Pleased with his reactions, I had one test yet to complete and that was testing his ejaculatory abilities and collecting a sperm sample for analysis. Increasing the intensity of the electro, I pressed the Hitachi against the underside of his cock moving it over all the sensitive spots until patient had no choice but to comply and provide the required sample πŸ˜‰ Copious amounts.

Taking pity on a rather drained and spaced patient, I decided not to put him through the final test. Taste test … I didnt force him to lick my gloved hand clean πŸ˜‰

Next time. If this wasnt ‘incentive’ enough….

Fortuitously as I emerged from cleaning up, my phone rang – a regular of some four years now that I hadnt seen since relocating. He is a lovely gentleman and it was nice to catch up. He also brought me a lovely bottle of champagne I plan to drink this evening.

This gentleman is very much into feeling submissive and loves having his nipples played with amongst other things. As I hadnt seen him for a while I had fun. I began with slave kneeling as I entered the room, ordering him to stand I blindfolded him before attaching cuffs to each wrist. I secured his restraints to the wall before turning my attention to his cock and balls, tying them tightly. Attaching some weights to his balls, and placing some headphones over his ears so he couldnt hear or see me… I focussed on those nipples of his.

Teasing him with my tongue, biting as the nipples hardened. Pressing him hard against the wall with my body as he moaned, I took some clamps and attached them to each nipple. Tugging and pulling, I flicked his nipples with my nails before taking some more weights and attaching them to each clamped nipple. Swinging and dropping the weights, watching slave’s face as they tugged against his tender nipples.

Moving slave to the floor I continued to torment him. Ordering him to open his mouth I stood above him, filling his mouth with my piss. Satisfied I watched as he swallowed it all, not missing a drop. Sitting on his face, smothering him between my thighs I teased his cock and balls, slapping and stroking with my hands in between tugging on the chain to those clamped nipples. Abrading them further with various implements, mindful of not marking slave I managed to sensitise them till slave was gasping and moaning loudly below me at each touch.

Amused, I told slave to stand and positioned him before the sling. Instructing him into the sling, I bound him hand and feet. The weighted clamps I tied to the sling chains, every rock or tug from me sending shivers straight to his hard cock. Telling slave how much I was looking forward to making use of that arse of his, I affixed a small dildo to my strap on. Relaxing his arse with my lubed fingers, I slid them in and out before replacing them with my cock. Still tight, I slowly pushed my cock inside slave thrusting slowly until i felt him buck back against me.

Building up the pace until I was fucking slave hard, thrusting against him as he swung back and forth his arse wide and exposed, my other hand curled around the chain to the clamps, adding to the tension slave was already feeling in those tenderised nipples. Deciding his arse was relaxed enough from the strap on, I smirked as I got out the electro box and the anal plug.

Lubing up the plug I slipped it gently inside slave’s arse, even for that horny ass of his it was still a stretch – pardon the pun πŸ˜‰ Turning on the unit until I could hear slave moaning again, his arse visibly pulsing before me I toyed with the settings. Laughing as I heard him groan, turning it up a little each time until I was satisfied that slave couldnt take any more.

Again turning my attention to his cock, I decided that slave was just about spent. Teasing him with the Hitachi, chuckling as I realised with both blindfold and headphones on slave had no idea whether he was allowed or even desired to cum. Laughing as his excitement built along with his predicament, I waited to hear him beg for release. And it came… just as I ripped the clamps off his nipples.

Sending slave to the shower, I teased him that he would be thinking of me well into the new year πŸ˜‰

Yesterday I received a call from another regular I have been unable to see so far due to conflicted timing. So it was with some delight we confirmed for the afternoon. I do enjoy this gentleman’s session, I love anything with a twist. And this has that πŸ˜‰

I started by getting the norti boy before me to strip. Once naked I explained to him that he was here to continue training with his bladder control which so far had been rather unsatisfactory. That he needed to learn discipline and not wet the bed. That if he was a good boy he would be rewarded with a nice nap. If not, he would be punished.

Tying his cock and balls up, I slipped him into a diaper to contain any mess in case he failed the test. As I spoke to him I got him a few glasses of water, encouraging him to drink up. Nastily I also slipped a gloved hand inside the nappy and teased his cock, laughing at whether it was going to make holding his pee easier or worse with a full bladder. I settled him laying back on a cushion and matting and left him for a while, to see whether his bladder control had improved since we last met.

Giving it enough time for the water to work through his system, I re-entered the dungeon some 10 minutes later. I was most annoyed to find that the norti boy before me, not only had soaked the diaper I had placed on him but also the towelling beneath him. Angered I chastised him, explaining to him that not only had he shown no self discipline but he had also made a total mess peeing everywhere. He needed to be punished and I knew just how to discipline dirty little boys who made messes of the bed.

First I ordered him to get on his hands and knees, pulling down his diaper I inserted a small plug into that tight and now urine soaked bottom of his. Pulling the nappy up tight to hold it in place I told him to lay down on his back. While he moved position, I stood before him with a clear plastic mattress protector/bag. Continuing to chastise him about the mess, I slipped it over his feet and pulled it up around his head as he wriggled into it. He certainly wouldnt be making a mess now.

Chastising him, I informed him he was going to be taught a lesson. He was not going to be let out of that bag until he ran out of air… or made an even bigger mess of himself to lay in. If he wanted to be a dirty little boy then he would soil himself covering himself in cum too. Telling him to play with that cock of his, the one that couldnt hold that pee before, I wrapped the end of the bag tight around my hand so that the only air he had was what was trapped inside the bag with him.

Sitting next to him as he played with himself through the nappy, I berated him and tormented him with the Hitachi. All the while watching the bag fogging up slowly as his breath condensed, sucking in against his face as he continued to breathe. Watching that glaze come over his eyes as the oxygen slowly started to run out, his breathing increasing with his arousal πŸ˜‰

Taking mercy on him with the Hitachi, not wanting him to cum before he was challenged by the lack of oxygen, I smothered the plastic bag over his nose and mouth with my hands, stroking his face until I had him spasming before me. I was pleased to realise however that he had learned more self discipline without a full bladder and he managed to refrain from making more of a mess inside the bag despite my taunts.

Somewhat satisfied I decided he had been punished enough for one day, I allowed some air into the end of the bag before removing him. He is learning but even so, he still needs to work on that bladder control…

26 December 2010

Finally time to write…

Couple of fun sessions the past couple of days, with two nipple sluts. I do so love sluts, so easy to torment πŸ˜‰

The first, a regular. Beginning as usual with him standing blindfolded I ordered him to all fours before me. Teasing his arse a little with my fingers, I lubed up my electro butt plug. Gently I slid it inside slave’s arse chuckling as he moaned. I ordered slave to stand and proceeded to mummify him. Clear pallet wrap, both that and the black are sexy in different ways. Once slave was wrapped I lowered him to the ground. Teasing his nipples in between with various toys, I inserted the electro urethral probe as well. Taking the Erostek box, I turned it on adjusting the levels until I had slave squirming and moaning before me, his cock and arse visibly pulsing with the electricity.

Positioning myself above him, I smothered his face between my legs as I played with the controls for the electro – adjusting both the arse and the cock ones until slave was bucking beneath me. Pinching his clamped nipples further, tugging, amongst other things… like pressing the Hitachi against the urethral probe adding to the intensity of sensation I remained in place keeping him smothered. When I felt he had enough (the repeated fuck fuck fuck was a givewaway ;-)), I removed the blindfold ordering him to keep his eyes closed. Replacing it instead with the gasmask.

Playing with his breath, I removed the urethral probe leaving the butt plug in place pulsing inside his arse. Turning the dial up, I focussed on slave’s cock and balls, teasing them, dragging my nails over his skin, working him up until he was rock hard. Again turning up the electro till he was on the edge of mercy, I pumped his cock with my hand ordering him to cum. Which, of course he did. Explosively. Removing everything I allowed slave time to come back to himself, more than a tad spaced his comments “fuck that was intense”. I laughed, responding that I took it he had enjoyed himself πŸ˜‰ I know i certainly did.

Today’s session with a client new to me was… well pretty incredible. Wish I had taken my camera in as it takes amazing video footage and if any session should have been video’d this one should.

We started with the little slut (slave he is not), blindfolded standing before me while I teased his already sensitive nipples with my fingers and tongue. Slut had been already playing with himself the past few days in anticipation and hunger, so his nipples were nicely sensitised. Much to my delight πŸ™‚

I ordered him to spread his legs and tightly bound his balls. Cuffs around his wrists, I restrained him against the wall so I had access to both nipples and cock. His nipples I amused myself with, using my tongue, pinwheel, finally clamps. To which I added some weights. Amusing myself further, I also added some to the rope around his balls. Playing with the weights, lifting and dropping, swinging them back and forth till I was chuckling at the moans from slut.

I freed his arms and ordered him to lay on the floor, kneeling over him I smothered his face between my thighs. Alternately pulling on the clamps still attached to his nipple and teasing them with the Hitachi, I finally ripped them off feeling slut arch and squirm beneath me. Swabbing them, I put on some gloves and slid some 25g needles deep through his sensitive nipples. Allowing slut a moment to recover, gasping for breath between my legs I reaffixed the clamps below the needles increasing the intensity.

I still had plans for the little slut, and ordering him to stand I positioned the sling. Removing the blindfold slowly, as he opened his glazed eyes I directed him into the sling restraining hands and legs, his arse spread wide before me. We decided to try something new for him, breathplay and the gasmask. We didnt keep it on the whole time, but it was something he most definitely enjoyed.

Snapping on a glove I decided not to bother with the dildo’s, instead sliding my lubricated fingers inside teasing that hungry ass of slut’s, relaxing him. Watching his writhing increase I slid more fingers inside him until most of my hand was. Alternately teasing his cock, a finger wrapped around the chain with the clamps, tugging as my fist was finally buried in his arse.

Fucking him hard, as he begged for more we decided to go for two fists. Something I have done a few times, but not something most can take πŸ˜‰ Having small hands helps but isnt everything. And with some surprise, I realised just how much of a slut I had before me. Both fists sliding in with relative ease. Pumping his arse for a while with both fists, I was only sorry given the time of year that I didnt have a cock available to fill that mouth with. Or a few. Ah, next time perhaps…

Mixing things up a bit, I decided with some amusement to see if I could get both my fist and the Hitachi inside slut. Ensuring it was well covered with a condom, I wrapped my fist around it and nudged both inside sluts hole, my other hand flicking the switch on as I began to move inside him. I think at that point, slut pretty much got lost somewhere in ecstacy. The vibrating Hitachi and hand around it hitting all the right spots. We realised afterwards that we had in fact milked him. I teased slut, telling him that the next challenge would of course be both fists and the Hitachi πŸ˜‰ His eyes widened at that.

Removing the vibrator, I fucked his arse some more with both fists as he bucked and writhed in orgasm after orgasm, his arse clenching tight around my fists. Deciding poor slut had enough, had been thoroughly used and provided me with much entertainment on a rainy boxing day morning I took mercy on him and removed my fists. I instead turned my attention to teasing his cock, getting him nice and hard before telling him to play with himself. Moving up by his head, I tugged hard on the chains of the clamps all the while telling him how I planned to make use of him next time. Not even fully erect after the intensity of the anal play, slut came regardless and like all good sluts devoured his cum fed to him before I released him.

Divesting him of adornments, cuffs, needles, clamps, etc I sent a still horny slut off to the shower. How quickly an hour can pass… I suspect his plans today were ditched in lieu of a cold beer πŸ˜‰ Next time, I shall definitely be bringing the video camera.

I get real: Celebrating my sadomasochistic soul by Tina...

“… when engaging in S/M play I am free to feel all my feelings and thereby be a whole and integrated person. For that moment, the world makes sense to me. To me, S/M is a point of sanity that serves as a formiddable buffer against the insanity I see around me on a daily basis… And the best part is that S/M has all the passion, drama and emotion that is lacking for me in vanilla sex. In the evolution of sexuality as I see it, leatherpeople are the next generation…

… I need to have people in my life who understand me. It is not enough they merely tolerate me. They must love me for who I am, not in spite of who I am. We are only here in this life for so long, and I intend to make the trip worth it. My life is an adventure, to be enjoyed and shared. When people start telling me they cant share my joy because they have “issues” with what I do, I have to get away from them – fast…

… S/M enables me to confront the world and the people I have to interact with in extraordinary ways. By releasing a great deal of the tension and stress I’ve carried within me my entire life I gain energy, and I feel empowered to say no to unacceptable behaviour. I dont let anyone get away with abusing me anymore. S/M has provided the ultimate assertiveness training, not to be found anyplace else. I have gotten better at distinguishing who I can and cannot trust, so I make saner choices in all my relationships…

…My S/M needs though vitally important, are not that complicated – especially since, as a submissive, my greatest need is to please my top. The very shape of my consciousness changes, and all negative thoughts are driven away. Afterwards I always feel awesomely peaceful and relaxed, loved and lovable. No other high can match or surpass it. It makes me feel so totally alive, and all there – as opposed to numb. Life can be such a pain at times, that i cannot afford to stay in this particular reality for too long. In an S/M scene, I know that I am safe from harm while being carried off to a different dimension – and when i get there, I get real…”

MI6 spy’s death may have been linked to interest ...

LONDON: British detectives believe the death of the MI6 spy Gareth Williams will be solved by getting an insight into his private life after they revealed he had visited bondage websites and a drag club and had Β£15,000 ($23,000) worth of unworn designer womenswear in his wardrobe.

Mr Williams’s decomposed body was discovered in a padlocked bag in his apartment, about a kilometre from MI6 headquarters in London where he was a senior analyst.

Police believe he died a week earlier, early on August 16, and that someone else was present. Tests have shown no signs of a struggle or forced entry and no sign that he was drugged.

Scotland Yard’s detectives gave their best account of Mr Williams’s death. They revealed:

He used his iPhone to visit websites on bondage and escaping from bondage. He must have been padlocked into the bag by someone else as it was impossible for him to have locked himself inside. Once in the bag, with the keys inside, he could have survived for only 30 minutes.

Four days before his death, he went to a drag club called Bistrotheque in east London to see an act called Jimmy Woo, and had tickets for two similar performances at a pub in Vauxhall, near MI6 headquarters.

When Mr Williams’s remains were found by police on August 23, they also discovered Β£15,000 of unworn women’s clothing, wigs and shoes in his wardrobe.

Speculation has been rife that Mr Williams’s highly secretive work might explain his death. He worked as an expert on codes at the government’s eavesdropping centre in Cheltenham, in the west of England, before moving to MI6 on a secondment.

But Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell, the head of homicide at Scotland Yard, said: ”This is not linked to his work – it’s his private life.”

He said police had been reluctant to make public details of Mr Williams’s private life, knowing it could prove distressing to his family, but were doing so now because his lifestyle could be important to solving whether his death was a sex game gone wrong, manslaughter or murder.

Superintendent Campbell said: ”Somebody must have been there to secure him in the bag on a voluntary or involuntary basis. If someone was there and it was a voluntary activity gone wrong, why not cut him free or call an ambulance?

”The alternative scenario is there is maybe something more sinister to it. We just don’t know.”

Guardian News & Media

23 December 2010

Like everyone I have been getting prepared for xmas, also having company the past few days. Really hawt session today with a regular, as well as some intense personal play this evening. Another booking tomorrow afternoon – then xmas πŸ˜‰

I shall write more over the next day or so as I get the time. Stay safe all.


Just love buying new lingerie, especially for work. Also picked up a personal groomer for the dungeon, so much easier than razors for getting rid of that unwanted slave hair. Time now to relax…

19 December 2010

Yesterday was busy and fun, with two extended double sessions with Master Damion. A friend of many years, we are also discovering we work (and play) very well together πŸ˜‰

The first gentleman we saw, a regular of Master Damions and also someone I have seen previously elsewhere. Not one to forget, his session rather an unusual combination of medical and newspaper fetish.Β On arrival, slave was instructed to clean himself out and dress in a paper surgical robe as well as surgical slippers. He was to wait outside the dungeon door with his eyes closed. On announcing he was ready through the closed door, slave was instructed to keep his eyes closed as the door was opened and Master Damion proceeded to tie his hands, encased in latex gloves, behind his back.

Next slave was turned around and a bandaid placed over each eye, then eyepatches followed by a secure blindfold that also covered his plugged ears. Finally, a gag – one slave made himself that forced the mouth open leaving it available for use. Much better than those O ring gags this fit securely around his face and head ensuring he had no choice.

Master Damion and I decided to test how effective the gag was, we both like to see lots of drool from slaves. We positioned slave on his knees and each took our turn fucking that hole till the drool was running down slave’s front and he was moaning and gasping for breath. We removed the gag and instead filled slave’s mouth with some balled up newspaper, covered by duct tape over his face. Slave was placed on his back on the floor, Master Damion turning his attention to tightly tying up slave’s balls while I amused myself at slave’s expense – pinning his face between my thighs smothering him. Admittedly the writhing didnt make Master Damion’s task any easier πŸ˜‰

Having enough fun on the floor, we moved slave to the chair. The best I can describe it is something akin to a birthing chair like my old establishment had. Master Damion has made most of the equipment in the dungeon, he has been incredibly inventive with design and I am still learning just how versatile it all is. Once slave was positioned he was mummified tightly, pallet wrapped to the chair before being bound with more duct tape. A head piece was affixed pinning his head and forcing the gag in place so no movement was possible. Newspaper balls were tucked into slave’s palms before his hands also wrapped to the chair arms. His genitals and arse of course, nipples too were left exposed for examination.

Teasing slave’s cock and balls, his nipples we soon had him quivering in the chair. His arse lubed up we inserted the electro butt plug and turned it up, laughing in amusement at slave’s reactions to the various levels. Testing his reactions, we applied various stimulus to slave – pegs, electro pinwheel, weights, a foot to the cock and balls πŸ˜‰ Untying his balls, we inserted the urethral probe and had some fun playing with the controls watching slave writhe and moan before us unable to do anything about his predicament.

Unbeknownst to slave we had a further treat in store for him, removing the electro we released him from the chair, removing the plastic wrap and his newspaper gag and positioned him instead against the pole. Before slave had time to react we pulled a large clear plastic body bag over him and pinned his hands behind around the pole. Holding him in place Master Damion began to pallet wrap slave to the pole. Starting at his feet and working his way up, trapping air in the bag so slave could breathe.

Regardless before his neck was reached, slave was begging for more air. Laughing we took mercy and poked a hole in the bag at his mouth, taping a breathing tube in place before continuing to wrap slave including his head tight against the pole. Master Damion exposed slave’s cock and balls, teasing and slapping them as I toyed with the breathing tube. Silly slave, so much easier to fuck with his airflow that way πŸ˜‰ Eventually we heard a small plea for mercy from slave. On enquiring what specifically he was mercying on, we heard a little voice say “I’m getting claustrophobic” πŸ™‚

We took slave down, removing the body bag and his plastic gown. On the bench we had laid from one end to the other, newspaper. We lay slave on the paper and began wrapping him in it, mummifying him over the top. His cock and balls trapped between layers, more balled paper in his mouth gagging him. A few sheets over his face. Master Damion played with slave’s cock and balls, using the Hitachi vibrator to cause slave most distraction. Myself, rubbing the paper over his face, softly speaking in slave’s ear about how that newspaper smelled, the print, the feel of the cool crispness against his skin…. before we knew it, slave had exploded in bliss unable to hold on any longer.

Very pleased, we chuckled releasing an extremely spaced slave afterwards. I know for myself at least, seeing that glazed and dazed expression on someone’s face at the end of a session … gives me the biggest rush πŸ™‚

The second gentleman we saw, a regular to us both into anal/fisting/slut training. Once cleaned and showered, slave presented himself blindfolded for inspection. Determining he was way too hairy, we decided to shave him before making use of his arse. Placing him on all fours, I allowed Master Damion the task of shaving deferring to his experience in that area over mine πŸ˜‰ Instead I amused myself playing with slave’s cock and balls as I assisted in holding them out of the way. We turned slave over so his front could be done and instructing him also not to move, I decided to make his task more challenging by seating myself on his face smothering his breath, slapping his cock occasionally as I watched Master Damion shaving him clean.

Satisfied, Master Damion began teasing slave’s arse slowly relaxing the muscles as he worked a few dildo’s in gradually increasing their size until slave was visibly groaning. Intermittently playing with slave’s cock, I affixed clamps to his nipples and teased them, sucking, biting, flicking them. Deciding I needed to piss, I ordered slave to open his mouth and slowly delivered a golden stream down his throat. Saving some, I positioned myself over his cock and drowned that in the rest while his arse was being fucked with the dildo.

Master Damion advised he thought slave might be ready for my fist, somewhat smaller than his. I moved down between slave’s legs and slowly began sliding my fingers in and out of his arse feeling the muscles relax against them each time. My hand sliding further in until it was swallowed by his arse, I began pumping my arm thrusting my fist into him. Master Damion meanwhile had turned his attention to slave’s nipples.

Satisfied slave was relaxed enough, we swapped places. Once again fucking slave’s arse with a rather large dildo, I began to tease his cock. Surprised, I commented to Master Damion that slave had cum. Slave even more surprised denied it. The pool of cum however told another story. As it turned out, the dildo being used had actually ‘milked’ slave causing him to ejaculate without the corresponding sensations of orgasm. Regardless that was not the end of our fun.

It was time to see if slave could accommodate Master Damion’s fist πŸ˜‰ To distract him somewhat, I took a dildo and began fucking his mouth with it as Master’s fist was slowly worked inside slave’s arse. It was a challenge, but slave took it all groaning gratefully once in. Mindful of the use we had made of slave thus far, we took mercy on him and while Master Damion fucked his arse with that fist and I smothered his face between my legs once again slave had the orgasm he missed earlier exploding copious amounts all over himself.

Well used and well spent, slave relaxed a while allowing his head to come back to earth whilst we removed cuffs, cock tie, blindfold. I think that was the best session so far we have had with this slave. Well I know I enjoyed it πŸ˜‰

The molecular anatomy of leather by Geoff Mains

When Bill and Tom commit themselves to a leather scene, they generate a healthy dose of bewilderment. To their politically correct lesbian friends they thoughtlessly assume the roles of male oppressors. To their acquaintances on the political left they perpetuate social violence. And whether Bill and Tom reciprocally act out the rituals of master and slave, put each other through total and prolonged bondage, or hang weights from each others balls, they are – to nearly all but their friends of the leather fraternity – truly sick.

Freud had his theories on the matter – theories that proposed masochism as a form of “normal” aggression turned abnormally against the self. Other psychoanalysis like Reik went on to concoct more obtuse theories. Thus pain is an illusion that Tom substitutes for an inability to appreciate pleasure. And for Bill, who is supposedly in flight from sexual anxiety, pain is a manageable alternative to guilt. But these theories only create further bewilderment. For it is clear to those that know them that Bill and Tom are hardly apologetic about their leather. Well adapted, socially conscious, and self respecting, they share a friendship based upon a fundamental equality, whatever the roles they may adopt during sexual play.

Perhaps the most perplexing to their friends is that Bill and Tom find their sexual acts pleasurable. Quite simply, pain is not enjoyable because it is a second-rate substituitde, it IS pleasure. What has long been known as fact to leathermen has now come to have biological basis. Deep within the structures of the central nervous system, science has begun to disentangle the chemical knots that link pain with euphoria and that create a genuine capacity for human experience.

Feeling good

This understanding began in the middle 70s with the discovery of a group of chemicals found in animals and similar in their properties to opium. Named the endorphins and the enkephalins, these opioid chemicals serve basic purposes. They act largely in the processes by which nerves communicate with each other. Like codeine, they act in the bodys internal pain control system. Like morphine, they modulate the nervous messages to organs like the heart and intenstines. And like opium they function in the various brain centres associated with euphoria and trance.

But perhaps the most fascinating role proposed for the endorphins is that of reward. It seems that a good part of human motivation – whether an appetitie for food or for social companionship – may at least partly be fuelled by specific and internal addictions. These drives may well extend beneath a broad variety of human processes, from excretion to sleep. In the process that underlies these drives, various nervous circuits require a regular fix of endorphin or enkephalin opioids, which is generated by carrying out the activity in question. There is little doubt that these reward circuits are also modulated by physical conditon and by learned behaviours. (For example, apart from the opioid satisfaction induced by eating, one learns patterns and methods of dealing with hunger.) Nevertheless, many of our motivations may involve these internal rewards and the wave of euphoria that accompanies them. Feeling good is a major determinant of human behaviour and in its absence the opium drugs can serve as powerful and deadly surrogates. As well, physical and mental activities that increase the levels of opioids in blood and brain may have powerful effects.

The flowers of pain

Messages that arrive in the brain along the channels of the nervous system often seem clear enoiugh. For example, a stove is hot. But transmission is not always so clear. Messages shift with time, can be modulated by other parts of the nervous system and can be influenced by higher centers in the brain. These are the processes by which a leather scene operates, and together, these cumulative effects can be startling.

To begin with, the scene requires a conducive, trusting mood. The mood is relaxed and open to new experience and the partners find each other a turn on. Successful leather play is nearly always sensualist and mutualistic, whatever the psychodrama of the roles started at a particular time. Without these real and very accepted limits, leather play would fail in its objectives as a form of love.

The methods of tit play can provide us with a model of how the internal nervous process seems likely to operate. Effective pleasures are not achieved by sudden brutal attack but by gradual buildup. Pulling and massage may be followed by clamps and later still perhaps hot wax and alligator clips. Over time, the nipples are effectively desensitised. Far from the nipple itself, the nervous stimulation has induced a wonderful transformation in body chemistry.

A good part of the process occurs in those segments of the spinal cord where the nerves that arrive from the nipple interact with those coming and going to the brain. Here, at least, two mechanisms are at work, both of which function through opioid channels.

In the first, fast-travelling and tactile messages that arrive in the spinal cord from the nipple suppress the transmission of the slower-moving and painful messages. In the second mechanism, painful messages that do manage to pass through this spinal gate and climb upwards to the brain, set into motion further nervous actions. Acting in downwards fashion from the brain and into the spinal cord, these cause a release of opioids that effectively block the incoming painful messages. It is by these latter actions that acupuncture appears to work, a process in which conterolled pain applied to one part of the body can reduce or eliminate the perception of pain in others.

But the effects are farther reaching than this. Short-term and repeated painful experiences (as well as short-term steress) can induce areas at the base of the brain to secrete both endorphins and even larger quantities of enkephalins. These chemicals circulate through the brain and spinal cord, where tyheir effects are similar to those of a large dose of codeine. And as with codeine, these opioids not only suppress pain but also generate feelings of euphoria.

These nervous processes form some of the molecular underpinnings of the pain-pleasure threshold, they support that adage of leathermen that its not a pain per se that is important but how and when it is applied. Pain Β applied carefully and precisely can flower into a self reinforcing high that not only suppresses subsequent pain but also increases the desire for it.

Pig in the mud

It is by no coincidence that Miss Piggy is the patron saint of fisters. The evidence for this assertion is somewhat circuitous and many of its scientific gaps have yet to be plugged. While no physiologist to date appears to have ventured an explanation of the nervous chemistry that underlies the success of fisting, enough information exists to sketch out some of the major links of that process. The implications lead directly to pigs in the mud.

This rather esoteric voyage could begin, perhaps with Arnold Schwarzenegger and pumping iron – a sport which, common rumour has it, is addictive. The truth of the rumour rests somewhere in the combination of stress and muscle stretching that both appear to increase opioid levels in blood and brain and to generate a high.

That these opioids are addictive is without question. Efforts to use the enkephalins and endorphins as substitutes for the opium drugs have failed. Despite their existence as an integral component of animal physiology, the internal opioids are more addictive than heroin. Rats taught to self inject enkephalins for example pig out on as much as they can get.

The next stop in this path to gut-butt pleasure involves those brain areas termed the reward centres. We get rewards when we eat. When we exercise. And it now appears likely, when we shit. Despite social training that consigns the toilet to the nasty side of life, there is a clean and healthy dose of feeling good associated with the actual process of excretion. That feeling good may be the result of an internal reward of opioids.

Connections between the punitive reward centre associated with defecation and the nerves of the rectum have yet to be fully elucidated, but it seems likely that the rewards are generated in response to either contractions of muscles in the colon and rectum or in the relaxation of the anal sphincter muscle. Recent studies of the neural connectors that wire the muscles of the butt end demonstrate that enkephalin neurotransmitters are clearly involved. In the nervous circuitry of the rectal reflex, designed to accommodate increasingly larger quantities of material for periods of hours before ejection, there are likely processes that when played with in the requisite manner release larger quantities of opioids at the brain end. The results are relaxing and ecstatically euphoric. As with many leather activities, both the mental focus required for fisting and the opioids released as a result of fisting seem likely to induce shifts in state of consciousness. And like weight lifting, the process is probably addictive.

There is no doubt that fisting is based on powerful physiological capacities. But the connection with pigs? With the discovery of opioids not only in humans but also in all higher animals, another cherished assumption of biologists appears to be under reconsideration. It now seems likely that animals have strong emotional capacities that underlie their behaviour. Pigs may very well roll in the mud because they enjoy rolling in the mud, and very likely because there is a substantial opioid reward associated with doing so. There is not just a little similarity between this act and the pure animal indulgence of crisco and loving fists.

Release and revelation

What is really so important about all of this? There are certain things that make each of us feel good, and it only seems logical that detailed workings of the nervous system should underlie them.

The point to be empahsised is that alternate forms of sexual pleasure, such as those involving pain, function through some fundamental and everyday capacities. The very existence of those capacities runs in the face of views commonly held by psychiatry and the general public. These groups do not view pain-pleasure as a real and very animal capacity. Rather they see it as a warped expression of what they regard as normal capacities. The implications of recent work with opioids are thus twofold. First, medicine has played a powerful role in justifying established values by proscribing alternate behaviours as deviant. Second, what is normal is far broader than what medicine would have liked to believe and difficult to define.

Physical response is important. No two human beings function in identical ways, and capacities for leather experience probably vary as much as does everything else human. Not all of us appear to produce opioids in response to pain. Nor do we all share desires for ritualised catharsis. Yet for those who are blessed with this blend of capacities and acculturation, the rewards that include tension release, euphoria, and even transcendence. More than satisfactory as payoffs for taking the trip in the first place, these are also sufficient motivation to undertake repeat exploration. Psychology may have motivated in the first instance, but these drives are soon surpassed.

Leathermen share this use of what has been suppressed or forbidden pain-pleasure capacities with many cultural groups. Yet from Dervish to flagellant, and from fire walker to Kavandi dancer, leather stands apart in exploring sexual capacities in terms of ecstatic experience. To its participants, leather sex brings release and revelation. And to the world leather becomes at once a symbol and a culture. A black and an animal side of the soul has been rediscovered and let out.

12 December 2010 gentleman from earlier in the week arrived wanting to do a similar session to before. I had a few ideas on how to vary it but retain the essence.

This time I started with some ipod headphones. Over those went a hood, eyes covered. We tried a latex one I had brought with an inflatable mouth gag but that was too intense for slave. Leather it was. Once that was done up, I began mummifying him till he was wrapped neck to knee.

An interesting moment, getting slave to relax his body weight against me so I could lower him to the floor. A much larger frame than me, slave froze. I repeated the order, only to receive a small voiced “I’m scared”. Interesting what challenges people, and yes I was asking slave to place a large amount of trust in me. I reassured slave that whilst I am petite I am also toned and stronger than I appear. I reminded slave he wasnt the first slave I had done this to.

I felt his body sink against me as he allowed his legs to relax, taking his weight I lowered him to the floor, chastising him about trust once he was safely there. I finished mummifying the remainder of his legs and feet. Turning to his head I placed a breathing tube through the mouth opening of the hood and taped it in place. Lifting slaves head I began to wrap that also in pallet wrap until only the tube showed through.

Assured he was comfortable and breathing easily, I attached the ipod to the speakers and turned up the sound, slave was now lost in the mummified darkness unable even to hear me as I moved about. Every touch a surprise, sensations blending and contrasting. Similar to before I proceeded to tease slave’s exposed nipples and genitals with various toys, bringing him repeatedly to the edge of climax denying him release each time.

Eventually I removed the breathing tube and got a dildo, forcing into the hole in the plastic. Chuckling at the slobbery suckling noises coming from inside I fucked that hole forcing the dildo deeper inside as I teased slave’s cock. I took pity on slave after a while and allowed him to fall over that edge chuckling as I watched him shudder uncontrollably. I was left with one very spaced slave to unwrap πŸ™‚ He is hoping to be back next week.

I also had a longer session with a gentleman I have only seen once before but who has quickly become a favourite. I was delighted when he made the booking and had been thinking how I planned to torment him. I placed a blindfold over slave’s eyes and tied his cock tightly. Ordering him to put his hands behind his back I teased his very sensitive nipples with my tongue, laughing in delight as his moans filled the dungeon. I placed some cuffs on slave and directed him to move towards the sling.

Cuffing his hands to the sling chains, I got some weights and attached those to his balls…. swinging them gently, lifting them then releasing, teasing his nipples while I did. Slave was soon lost in sensation, groaning and growling as he writhed against the chains. Amused, I attached the cocktie to the chain as well so that every movement of the sling he leant against brought a tug to his weighted cock and balls.

Not wanting to leave his nipples unadorned, I fixed clamps to them. Weighted ones. Ordering him to lean forward so he felt those weights hanging I began playing with his already hard cock. I used a variety of things to draw a reaction from slave, on both his cock and his nipples. Vampire gloves, pinwheel, vibrator a few of the things at my disposal. And then I used something on slave that had him bucking and writhing against the intensity … and had me in fits of laughter watching his reaction. Dragging it over his sensitised nipples and over his cock, his balls I resisted his pleas to know what it was I was using. I assured him he would see what it was later.

Lubing up a gloved hand I relaxed slave’s arse with my finger before inserting a good sized metal electro buttplug inside him. Attaching it to the Erostek, I chose a setting I knew slave would find pleasurable and adjusted the levels till he was growling and barking. Literally πŸ˜‰ He said later he didnt know where he went (mentally) at that point. I repositioned slave on the floor, tying him spreadeagle and attached a point to his balls and the final connection, to the urethral probe which I inserted down slave’s cock.

As I played with the settings I was glad I had slave bound, watching his body twist and turn. Straddling slave’s face, I lowered myself till his face was pinned between my legs. Using my weight I began to smother him, pinning him in place unable to breathe as I alternately added to the sensations he was experiencing with some well placed slaps to the cock and the vibrator. Never one to forget, his nipples also received plenty of attention. Again, driving him wild with that unknown item. Eventually I felt slave’s struggles subside somewhat and allowed him to breathe.

Removing the electro, I made slave move to the sling planning to give his arse a good workout with my fist. Securing him in place I lubed his arse and began teasing it with my fingers. Before long my fist was buried deep inside him, a slow steady thrusting building in intensity and pace as slave begged me to punch his arse. I felt him spasm and gush around my hand as he had one of a few intense anal orgasms.

Finally spent, I released an exhausted and spaced out slave. So spaced he couldnt work out which door led to the bathroom πŸ˜‰ And this morning received a lovely email thanking me for such an enjoyable session. Β My pleasure ! Oh…. yes, he did find out what that secret item was πŸ™‚

After that I had a few hours to relax before participating in a scrotal infusion with friends in the evening. Interesting as well as a lot of fun, always good to learn new techniques to doing things. Broadens the application of them πŸ˜‰ I ended up taking 375 pictures of the event for them. I finally headed home around 9.30pm exhausted.

Tomorrow evening I have a friend coming over to play in the evening, that should be fun πŸ˜‰

8 December 2010

Yesterday my personal slave met me at the dungeon to do a few chores, some towel folding and some weeding. The latter he failed miserably at. As a consequence, he was not only caned by myself but also by Master Damion. Both of us taking turns until slave had learned his lesson. I repositioned slave on the floor and delivered a golden shower over him and into his mouth denying him any form of release before sending him on his way. Hopefully next time he will do better.

My afternoon was thankfully more amusing with a client new to me but not the dungeon. He had booked in for a 1.5 hour sensory dep/mummification session. Both of which I love. Once I had slave pallet wrapped from head to toe, each limb wrapped independently, I placed the gasmask on him. Over which went the headphones and blindfold. Satisfied I positioned him on the bench and tied him down securely.

Exposing his genitals and nipples, I cupped my hand over the hose to the gasmask controlling his breath. Feeling him relax, I started to tease him gently in between bouts of nothing. A suede flogger trailed over exposed flesh, vampire gloves, pegs, only a few things at my disposal πŸ˜‰

Interspersing the teasing with breathplay, I had slave moaning and writhing against his bonds. When I had enough, I released him and repositioned him to a chair against the pole in the dungeon. I wrapped him tightly against it and removed the headphones, gasmask and blindfold.

I put the blindfold back over slaves eyes before taking the headbox and affixed it to him. Positioning it, I clicked the lock shut. Leaving only a gaping hole where slave’s mouth was. Picking up a dildo, I slid it into the hole at first feeling some resistance as I began fucking that hole hard with the dildo. Ignoring the gagging noises, I teased his cock and persevered until the dildo was easily lodged the full length down slave’s throat. With no sound of gagging as slave gave himself over to me.

Deciding slave had been well used I began to release him from the pallet wrap and headbox. He was suitably spaced when he emerged finally to be sent off to the shower.

6 December 2010

I had a call this morning from a gentleman I had not spoken to or seen before. He made a booking for this evening and after he arrived we had a chat about the type of session he wanted. One with roleplay for something different of late. A simple but effective one, a strict tone. He the errant slave that had not been seen for some time, me the incensed Mistress πŸ˜‰

On re-entering the room with some equipment I found him in slave position. Laying down the equipment I asked slave why it had been so long since I last saw him. “I dont know Mistress”, the feeble answer. Demanding he stand up, I delivered a well placed slap to his face as he dared raise his eyes to me. Ordering him to keep them lowered I decided to instead remove his vision with a blindfold.

I taunted him, spitting on his face in between slapping his cock demanding he answered me as to his lapse in attention to me. He stammered unable to come up with a satisfactory response. I told slave that it didnt really matter why he had not been in my presence. What mattered was how much I had missed using him, and I planned to show him.

I ordered him to place his hands forward as I cuffed one then the other, before ordering him to stand legs apart so I could tightly bind that errant cock of his. His balls as well, I didnt want them to feel neglected. I stood before slave, spitting in his face as I grasped his bound balls tightly with my hand and pulled slightly, chuckling as he gasped and writhed. “Answer me now slave, where have you been?” I whispered in his ear. Finally he admitted the truth, he had been serving another Mistress. A sound slap delivered to his face shut his mouth.

Moving slave before the horse I positioned him over it, binding his cuffs to the base. His ass raised nice and high to receive the spanking I planned to deliver him. Again demanding he tell me why he felt the need to see this Mistress, I verballed slave in between sound slaps to his ass. Getting the strap I noted the rosy shade his flesh had turned, and after a few with the strap I instructed slave he would receive a final three strokes hard.

Once satisfied with his squirms and moans, I stood slave up and demanded slave tell me who he had been spending his time serving, after a few well placed strokes to his cock with the flogger he let slip her name from his lips. I laughed, so easy. I decided to teach slave a lesson and had him sit on the floor with his back to the pole in the dungeon. I cuffed his hands around it and removed his blindfold briefly as I wanted him to see what he was about to receive.

Walking deliberately to the bench, I picked up my strap on and harness and turning to slave as I put it on… advised him that his mouth had so far proven unsatisfactory so I planned a better use for it. I was going to fuck it with my cock. Slave’s eyes widened as he looked from me to the strap on. I slipped the blindfold back over his eyes and securely bound his head securely in place against the pole.

“Open your mouth slave” I ordered, spitting in it as he did. Laughing as he flinched I slapped his face hard, demanding he open his mouth again. As his lips parted I thrust my cock between them feeling his cheeks blocking it. Slapping his face again, I thrust harder till my cock lodged down his throat. His face against me, I held myself in position as he gagged and writhed unable to move or breathe. I slid out allowing him a moments respite, before ramming my cock back down his throat fucking his mouth hard, forcing him to gag and retch.

Growing bored with using slave’s mouth, I released him and ordered him to crawl out of the way as I set up the sling. I positioned him on it, hands cuffed, blindfolded, cock/balls tied taut and out of the way of that slutty ass of his. Slapping his cock a few times, I intermittently teased him with the Hitachi laughing as he realised he couldnt get away at all πŸ™‚ Taking my cock, still well lubricated from his mouth I thrust it hard and deep into his ass causing him to moan loudly. Fucking him hard, I wanted to remind him who that ass belonged to. That it wasnt his to give away.

Gripping his cock hard, the Hitachi in my other hand pressed against the sensitive underside I thrust hard and fast into his ass watching him tense and start to shudder. I ordered slave to cum, telling him I was going to empty those bound balls of his so there was nothing of him left to give anyone else. Slave exploded into orgasm giving me exactly what I wanted. Finally.

I doubt it will be so long “between visits” πŸ˜‰ Both of us had a lot of fun.

4 December 2010

And today I saw a gentleman new to me but not the dungeon. He has been going there some five years now. We had a quick chat on his arrival before I instructed him to disrobe and wait in slave position for my return.

Slipping a blindfold over his eyes I ordered him to stand, I clamped his nipples and tied his cock with some weights attached, before teasing both with a vibrator and the pinwheel. His cock nice and hard, who could resist a few well placed slaps causing the weights to swing.

Instructing him onto all fours, I lubed up a gloved hand and slid a finger then two inside his tight ass. Slowly teasing him, getting him prepared to take the electro plug for my erostek electro unit. Slave pleased me taking the plug without too much effort at all. I removed the blindfold and positioned him on the bench before strapping him down, restraining his arms, legs and chest.

I placed the gasmask on him talking him through breathing with it, as opposed to fighting it. Once he was suitably relaxed, I removed the clamps from his nipples replacing them with pegs. I slipped two electro bands around his hard cock and attached the lead to the box, turning both those and the anal plug on to an erotic setting. Watching slave moan, I adjusted the setting till I was satisfied he was being pushed just that bit.

Turning my attention to the mask, I cupped the hose controlling the airflow reaching slave. Always one to up the ante, I fixed a blindfold over the mask also. Toying with the electro I played with the settings and his responses, teasing his cock in between until he was almost spent. I took mercy on him and removed the electro, freeing his legs so I could get more easily to his ass.

Lubing up a reasonable sized dildo, I slid it gradually inside his ass slowly fucking him with it as my other hand played with his cock. Hearing his moans under the mask I chuckled, the dildo sliding the whole way in. Holding it deep inside, I pressed the hitachi vibrator against it. Feeling slave thrusting against the dildo and my hand I ordered him to release, which he gratefully did. All over himself.

Restraints removed, mask peeled back, all slave could say was “wow”. I allowed him a few moments composure before sending him to clean up. I suspect I shall see him again πŸ˜‰

3 December 2010

Today I saw a gentleman for the second time since I have been at the new premises, he originally responded to my advertisement. His session a tie and tease with some light anal stim. Today we took it a bit further.

Once naked I had him wait in slave position for me. Instructing him to kneel up on my return I blindfolded and cuffed him, tying his balls tightly with some rope. Gently teasing his nipples, I noticed a shudder causing me to laugh. Did he think I had forgotten how sensitive they were? πŸ˜‰

I teased them some more before squeezing them tightly with clamps. My attention turned to his cock, alternately teasing then slapping. Gripping his balls between my hand i lightly flogged the head before ordering him down to all fours.

Increasing the pressure of the clamps I fixed a weight to the chain, and then some to the rope around his balls too. I straddled his torso, tightening my legs around him so he couldnt move and began spanking him until his skin was a rosy pink. Satisfied, I moved behind him and slipped on some gloves. Probing his ass slowly with my fingers feeling the muscles relax as he began to push back against me ever so slightly.

Last time we only used a buzzy toy, this time I had brought the strap on. A very small one mind you. I stood up, removing slave’s blindfold so he could see what he was about to receive. Standing before him I ordered him to take my cock into his mouth, guiding his head slowly as he did. Watching him taking it deeper as his mouth hungrily devoured it, I held his head pinning my cock down his throat till he gagged.

Ordering him back to all fours, I moved behind him again this time though positioning my well lubricated cock at his ass. Slowly to begin, I nudged it against the puckered entrance until it slid fully inside him. Gradually I built up the rhythm thrusting in and out as he moaned and pushed back, enjoying it I suspected a lot more than he had anticipated πŸ˜‰

I wasnt finished with him yet though and after I was finished using his ass I removed the weights from his nipples and balls then had him roll over onto his back. I slid the buzzy toy inside his already sensitive ass and turned the dial to high, teasing his cock with my hand and the hitachi vibrator. Ordering him to play with himself I removed the strap on. I stood over him, straddling his cock and hand…. before releasing a stream of urine over him. Again, something we had not explored before. Something though we shall be doing more of.

My bladder emptied, I turned my attention to rewarding slave for being so good. Using the vibrator mercilessly teasing his cock until he was shuddering uncontrollably, chuckling inwardly as I realised the conflict of what was going to be one awesome orgasm. I could see slave was almost scared to let go, but let go he did and give me what i want. Licking the mess clean afterwards from my gloved fingers.

Satisfied, I sent slave to the shower. I think today was probably spent with a very large smile on his face πŸ˜‰

Quick update…

Things are going well at the new dungeon, have seen loads of my existing regulars plus a few new fun gentlemen. Will write up some of the sessions on the weekend.

Also have a few new pair of boots on order, waiting on delivery – including some new thigh highs.

I also now have a personal slave. Interesting times xxx

Here it starts….

I am looking forward to getting back into sharing with you some of the fun sessions I have πŸ™‚

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