2 April 2011

Finally, I get time to write – what a month it has been. Very busy in the dungeon with my regulars but I have also seen 11 new clients this month. All of whom I hope to see again and I think I shall πŸ˜‰ Some have already ventured back for more.

One such gentleman, I saw last week for the first time. He wanted a tie and tease with anal mixed in. He had some experience he informed me, but had not yet taken a fist. Although it was a fantasy. I discovered this gentleman had very sensitive nipples. Almost as sensitive as his cock. It wasnt long before I had him in the palm of my hand, pardon the pun.

Once I had him nice and horny, I moved him into the sling for some anal play. Forgoing the toys for my fist I started working my fingers in and out of his arse, relaxing him and getting him even more worked up. It wasnt long before I had him bucking against my hand which was mostly buried inside him. Mostly.

Taking my time, stretching his arse, brief respites between bouts for the slut. Finally I managed to work my fist all the way inside his virgin arse. To his pleasure, shock and dismay as he mercied almost immediately. Laughing I pulled back telling the slut to relax and push down on the fist so he could expel it. From there I backed off using some nice big cocks to fuck that arse with instead, finishing him off with a golden shower until slut orgasmed all over himself.

Needless to say he was somewhat spaced and blown away when he left πŸ˜‰ And he was back this week for more. We had a chat after the last session, and he advised me that he had not experienced a lot but was willing to experiment. Just what I like to hear πŸ˜‰ So this visit Β I blindfolded him before attaching him to the pole for some light discipline to his bottom. A bit of spanking and the strap, followed by some flogging and tease to his nipples and cock.

I moved him from there to the bench, restraining him with belts and pallet wrap. Lubing that arse of his, I slipped a cold heavy electro plug inside. Slut had no idea at this stage what it was nor what I had planned, I had not informed him before we began. Trust – love it πŸ˜‰

Slipping some electro bands around his cock I adjusted the settings on the Erostek and turned the intensity up gradually until I had the reaction I wanted from the slut. And that was to hear him moaning and thrashing against those restraints. It didnt take long. Allowing him to adjust to the sensation I amused myself tormenting him in other ways, focussing on those nipples of his until he was a quivering mess, unable to stop shaking. Adrenalin / low blood sugar. A sip of coke fixed that.

One I had finished tormenting his arse with the electro I removed the plug and cock bands, leaving him still restrained. Moving his legs apart and into position I began fucking his arse with my fingers, again relaxing him to the stage where he was bucking against me almost begging for that fist. Which with some effort I slipped inside him for the second time, this time however when he mercied the answer was no. Gently moving my fist as he relaxed around it, he was able to hold it for a few more minutes before I gave him respite. Again finishing the session with a refreshing golden shower over that cock and arse of his.

He is hoping to come in again this week as he is then going away for work for a few months, damn ! Just gives me more time to plot evil things to do to him. Wonder what I can plan for him next time, so much to explore … he didnt know his own name by the time he walked out last time πŸ˜‰

Another gentleman from the other week was back for some more fun also, I saw him previously on the 16th of the month and we had an awesome session. One of the constant challenges, how to keep that edge/intensity/variety πŸ˜‰ Always a favourite we started with more nipple torture, those nipples already being more than sensitive from the previous session. Gotta love a masochist.

Also this time focussed more on cock torture, including some nice big sounds down his urethra before attaching the electro box to those. Again we finished off paying particular attention to his arse. We had agreed to try for depth this time and slowly fucking him harder with each thrust I managed to work my arm in mid way up the forearm. That certainly had him bucking and howling πŸ˜‰ Another spent, contented slut by the end of the session.

I caught up with an older gentleman for some discipline. A domestic roleplay with someone I have seen once before many years ago. He is quite the cheeky sub and easy to discipline. We began by chastising him, I advised him why he was called before me (touching my guests inappropriately) and what his punishment would be.

All the while the disobedient rogue attempted to argue his innocence. His pale bottom was subjected to first my hand with a spanking, before receiving a good dose of the strap to that bottom. Until I was satisfied he had learrned his lesson well and would refrain from such behaviour in future. I cant say I was satisified of any such thing given his attitude, I suspect it will take more than one discipline session to correct πŸ˜‰

Another gentleman also visited for a tie and tease with electro, that ended up as a more elaborate kidnap / interrogation / castration roleplay fantasy. I seem to have had a lot of requests for electro last week lol Β This session was loads of fun with the roleplay and physical domination, using the knife to threaten the prisoner with having his cock cut off if he didnt comply. Luckily for him he caved and gave me what I wanted, he was spared… for now.

Also saw another couple of new gentlemen for tie and tease / slave training sessions. One gentleman was soooo sensitive the tease didnt involve much at all, but brought me to fits of laughter many a time at slave’s sensitivity to my touches. As I say, its not all about pain. There are many ways to torment someone just as delightfully using other means πŸ˜‰

The other gentleman was subjected to more humiliation than tease, being put through a few tasks to assess his worthiness to be in my dungeon, much less to be allowed to return. While he proved unsatisfactory on many fronts, I did find him somewhat useful as a toilet. Whether he proves to be able to serve in other ways remains to be seen. He will require a lot of training. Something I would more than enjoy πŸ˜‰

I also for something different had a sub session with myself as the sub. A gentleman I saw a few years ago for the first time when he came to Australia for a visit. He did a rather complex ‘story of o’ type roleplay which ended up degenerating into a very hot session – roleplay forgotten lol. There was lot of ritual, protocol, discipline amongst other things πŸ˜‰

Again we had a great time, unfortunately it pqssed way too quick. We had arranged to meet prior to the session for a ferry ride to Manly and a walk. Followed by a return to the dungeon. We had planned to also grab a bite to eat afterwards but having run later than anticipated had to forgo that pleasure. Regardless the session was once again very hot with lots of tease and torment on me. A lot on my nipples which are also rather sensitive and dont take as much play as my arse for example. So Sir had me squirming and whimpering as I am sure he intended.

Of course my arse was not neglected with some discipline including the cane, which I love. I havent however played as much in recent months personally so I was also challenged taking what Sir was determined to give me. However, focussing I managed to not only get through it but also melt into it. And like any good sub, I was also rewarded πŸ˜‰ Or maybe Sir was…

As I said, the time passed all too quick and before I knew it we were finishing up. I hope its not so long between visits next time. Its just given me a taste for switching/bottoming again…. need to do more of it πŸ˜‰Β Other than the above there has been some fun erotic sessions doubling with Master Damion to keep me out of mischief, or perhaps just creating more? πŸ˜‰ I do enjoy working with him, we have a good energy and always manage to have a laugh.

Today I had a day off to catch up on things at home with a new housemate settling in very nicely. A joy to have around. No bookings as yet tomorrow but a fun switch session with a regular on Sunday that I am looking forward to. We had a ball last time.

And afterwards, staying on at the dungeon for some personal play with friends πŸ˜‰ Might get some pics if I remember the camera.


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